Advanced Diploma in Kids, Parents & relationship Coaching

The Advanced Diploma in Kids & Parents Coaching equips you with the knowledge and skills to support all kinds of family units.

That’s the kind of impact

available to you with the Advanced Diploma in Relationships, Kids & Parents Coaching

This level 2-ICF-accredited

self-paced course will prepare you for assisting children and parents with various life issues, whether at school or home

Course Overview:

The Advanced Diploma in Relationship, Kids & Parents Coaching equips you with the knowledge and skills to support all kinds of family units. Through a combination of face-to-face and online training, you’ll learn how to step into a family environment and work with children or parents to navigate a range of life challenges, whether it be at school or home.

A Multidisciplinary Coaching Approach

TLCC offers a comprehensive and meticulously designed course that prepares you in diverse coaching techniques, enhancing your effectiveness and versatility. This program extends your client reach, boosts your credibility, and strengthens resilience in your business. It ensures continuous learning and adaptability within the dynamic coaching profession. Alongside world-class core coach training, you will also explore advanced methodologies to elevate your coaching practice such as:

NLP Practitioner Training

Dive deep into the psychology of leadership with our NLP training, enhancing your ability to motivate and inspire as you learn the strategies behind why people do what they do and how they can do those things better.

Certified Hypnosis Training

Apply hypnosis to foster focus and peak performance in leadership contexts.

Relationship Coaching

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Kids Coaching

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Parents Coaching

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Relationship Coaching

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This is a

Program Unlike Any Other
With 21 Days of Face-to-Face Training

+ Online Learning

To obtain your Advanced Diploma in Kids & Parents Coaching certification, you will be required to undertake a combination of face-to-face and/or online training at your own pace, in conjunction with online and practical coaching assessments.

The face-to-face units for the Advanced Diploma in Kids & Parents Coaching include:

2 Days

2 Days

7 Days

1 Day

3 Day

2 Days

1 Day

2 Days

1 Day

Career and Business Opportunities

On completion of the Advanced Diploma in Relationships, Kids & Parents Coaching, you will be able to work with family households, whether it be with children, parents or both, to improve their emotional and mental well-being.

  • Reinforce positive patterns of thought, speech and behaviour
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Communicate more effectively within the household and with peers; and
  • Better manager emotions and external pressures
  • Gain clarity around unconscious relationship drivers and diffuse drama
  • Enhance decision-making and communication strategies
  • Reinforce positive thinking and behaviour patterns;
  • Develop sustainable approaches that will become the hallmark of their relationship

What Can You Do With
Your New Coaching Skills?

We often hear students ask about the opportunities available after they complete their program. Our experience (and we started doing this in 2011!) tells us that alongside the huge personal development changes, students generally utilise their coaching skills in the following three ways


Enhance your current professional capabilities by applying your newly acquired coaching skills to your existing job or role, especially if it involves leading or coaching a team. This course will help you develop and refine these essential skills.


Leverage your new skills to transition into a new job or role that requires advanced coaching abilities. Many of our graduates have successfully moved into positions where their coaching skills are highly valued and sought after


Launch your own coaching business. This course was initially designed to provide comprehensive training for aspiring coaches, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the field and establish your own coaching practice on your terms.

If you find yourself wanting to start your own coaching business, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s what we know – when you complete your coaching program, you’ll have the skills to coach pretty much any business to great results.

But no amount of coaching skills will help you start and grow a thriving practice. If you decide to open your own Coaching business, then you need to learn how to grow it.

That’s why at The Life Coaching College, we put a key emphasis on teaching you the skills to create, package, and market your coaching services.

In our one day face-to-face
business training, we:

When you enrol in the Advanced Diploma in Relationships, Kids & Parents Coaching, you will:

All of your Advanced Diploma in Kids & Parents Coaching course materials will be delivered physically to your address within the 7-10 business days of your enrolment.

Our online learning portal has over 200+ classes on Personal Development, NLP, Hypnosis, Positive Psychology and Business for you to sink your teeth into.

One of our certified coaches will personally take you through a 12-week coaching program so you can see first-hand how our successful coaching models can help you (and future clients!) achieve change in any area of life.

Our Facebook Group has over 1,500+ life coaches within it, which means you’ll be surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded and passionate people. They’re there to support your goals, champion your dreams and celebrate your successes. 

Each weekday, you can jump onto a live group coaching session with one of our certified trainers to gain a variety of personal development, business, marketing and coaching skills.

To help embed your learning and practice your coaching skills, you’ll have the chance to team up with another new student to coach one another, provide encouragement and guide each other towards mastery.

But Don't Take Our Word For It!

Check out the testimony of real-life TLCC students and graduates:

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are the best life coaching courses in Australia?

When it comes to life coaching certification, quality and accreditation are key. The Life Coaching College offers the gold-standard training you need to become a successful, in-demand coach. Our programs are internationally accredited by the ICF and equip you with the practical skills and real-world experience to thrive in this rewarding career. We’re also the only in-person program available.

Tuition for our life coaching courses ranges from $6,000 to $25,000, depending on the program level. We offer a variety of flexible payment options, including interest-free plans, to make quality coaching education accessible. Invest in your future and start your dream career today.

Certification is not legally required to practise as a life coach. However, clients increasingly seek out coaches who have completed accredited training programs. When you earn your credential from The Life Coaching College, you’ll demonstrate your expertise and be better positioned to build a thriving coaching practice.

The beauty of our program is that you can start earning while you learn. Many of our students begin taking on clients and making money just after their first weekend with us. You don’t have to wait until the end of your training to start your coaching career.

Most courses at The Life Coaching College run from 6-12 months, inclusive of face-to-face practice (100+ hrs for ICF Accreditation), as well as 10 hrs. of mentor training. And the Practitioner of Life Coaching course will give you 42 hours of practice coaching.

While we believe hands-on, face-to-face training is essential for developing core coaching competencies, we also offer online learning opportunities. Many of our courses feature a blend of in-person workshops and self-paced digital modules to accommodate diverse learning styles and schedules. Speak with our team to find the right program format for you.

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