Graphic Designer - Remote

at Tobin Jarrett Consulting

Company Overview

Tobin Jarrett Consulting is a coaching and consulting company based in Asheville, NC. Our mission is to help solopreneurs and small businesses to make more money and save time so they can grow their business with greater ease and focus on what matters most in their lives: giving their gifts, making a difference, spending time with their friends and family. We believe that by empowering small businesses to make a bigger impact through systems and automation, we are helping to create a better world. 

We fulfill this mission by working with businesses to design and implement strategic systems to streamline and automate many processes in their business, with a special emphasis on marketing automation. 

The value we offer through our resources includes coaching, live events, training, pre-built campaign templates, blogs and newsletters.


Contractor Position Overview

This will be 5-10 hours per week to start but will likely expand to more hours, depending on various factors.

It is a 1099/contractor scenario with flexible hours, so you work when you want.

We are of course looking to get the most value for our HR cost. It is our custom to have our applicants start out by letting us know the minimum hourly rate they ask to be paid. If an applicant makes it far enough through the process that it becomes relevant, we may do some negotiating from there. We handle the marketing, sales, initial onboarding, and project scope creation. 

You get to do the fun part: creating beautiful designs that help business owners, teams, and the customers they serve!


Graphic designers are responsible creating beautiful design for us and our clients; including for websites and landing pages, marketing collateral and social media so our clients SHINE!

You’ll generate from concept to finished design, iterating based on revisions and feedback, and being in communication with the other stakeholders and clients to help ensure the deliverables are completed on time.  


Here’s a list of the kinds of things you’ll be designing:

  • Brand Kits: some of the clients who come to us don’t already have a brand ID/kit, so you’ll lead the process of helping them clarify the look and feel of their brand identity (fonts, logo, colors, vibe, etc)
  • Graphics for forms
  • Webpages (landing pages for lead generation, sales pages)
  • Logos for products and brands
  • Graphics for social posts
  • Branded PDFs / whitepapers



  • Software: Experienced in Canva and Photoshop
  • Managing: Ensure designs/revisions are on track to prevent project bottlenecks
  • Documentation: Maintain deliverables so they can be retrieved and repurposed as needed.
  • Self-management: Able to perform at a high level while working as a remote team member.



  • Project Experience: Minimum of 2 years of business/marketing graphic design experience.
  • Interpersonal: Self-motivated, flexible, and open to feedback, best practices, and change.
  • Communication: Excellent English communication and listening skills.
  • Professional: Trustworthy, reliable, empathetic, likable, and calm under pressure.
  • Mobile-optimizing/mobile-first approach: Since most traffic comes from mobile, it follows that a mobile-first approach is best! 
  • Design for conversion: As we’re a marketing agency, everything we do is about helping our clients get better results in their business. More leads, more engagement, more sales. As such, we naturally desire that all design elements lend themselves to those goals!
  • Reliable and communicative, and you ask high-quality questions. 
  • Aware of your (time and skill) limitations and you don’t take on more than you can manage.
  • Trustworthy and you have high integrity, doing what you say, by when you say you’ll do it. Or, if it becomes clear you won’t be able to meet an agreed-upon deadline, you are in communication well in advance of missing the deadline to create a new deadline. 
  • Detail-oriented: You notice and attend to the little details. 
  • Drama-free work life: You keep things professional, courteous, respectful.
  • Experience and Values: 
    • Experience working in a team-oriented, virtual environment
    • Resonates with Tobin Jarrett Consulting core values and mission.


Please take a few minutes to carefully review and submit your application below. Note that honesty is critical here. Just because you don’t have skills in certain areas does not necessarily mean you won’t be considered.