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Hey! Before you sign up for Ontraport, you should know…

Ontraport is the single-most powerful marketing and
business automation platform available for small business. Period.
And yet, in the 10 years I’ve spent helping Ontraport clients explode their results, I’ve seen too many passionate entrepreneurs who bought Ontraport with the dream of their business transformed into an automated revenue and profit machine, but who’ve spent far too long fussing and with the tech to actually realize that dream.

That’s why I created Launchpad.

See, I love Ontraport.
With this platform at your back, you can automate virtually any business or marketing process to help you grow your business, revenue, and profits.
The sky is the limit.

But Ontraport is the canvas. Not the masterpiece.

That masterpiece is only possible when the right strategies, messaging, and offers are deployed through campaigns. The trouble is that even though the awesome team at Ontraport have done so much to eliminate complexity, this powerful platform still requires a daunting depth and breadth of skills to go from that blank canvas, to the masterpiece you deserve.

Until now. Welcome to Launchpad.​​​​​​​

The Launchpad is a bundle of five powerful campaign templates, created from a decade of working with hundreds of clients from across a vast spectrum of industries. Every campaign template comes with all assets – from emails, landing pages, tags, conditions, triggers, goals, post cards, SMS messages and more – needed to create massive results in a fraction of the time, along with video-education to help you from start-to-finish.

No need to be DaVinci. We’ve got you covered.​​​​​​​

You simply follow the detailed, step-by-step instructions in each campaign, customizing the emails and pages to suit your brand, voice and offers, and then deploy them. Instead of taking months or years to launch the critical campaigns you need in your business, you can have them up and running in a matter of hours.
Plus, it comes with 5 weeks of group coaching sessions, so that no matter what your situation, you can get the expert from start to finish.
​​​​​​​In short, your hand is held.

Lemme Ask You...
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How Awesome Would It Be To:

Get the core campaigns you need to get your business collecting leads, nurturing those leads on autopilot, making sales, and following up like a boss? And what if you could have ’em in your own account with a single click?
Dramatically ease the burden of getting started with a new tech platform?
Start out with professionally-built campaigns, landing pages, and emails instead of staring at a blank screen and wondering what to build?

Avoid fussing with the technology, start having more fun, and get your life back…?

Get coached by an Ontraport expert as you get your new account set up…?

Here are the Campaigns You'll Get
When you Sign up For Ontraport
Through Us

The Lead Magnet
​​​​​​​List Builder Campaign

Value: $197

This simple campaign has all you need to capture new leads and grow your list via a lead magnet opt-in offer, where you trade a valuable free resource in exchange for your leads’ email address and deliver the promised goods.

The campaign includes an opt-in page, thank you page, email templates, tags, and more, in addition to the campaign logic and reporting. You plug it into your account with a click, customize the assets, and viola, you’re collecting leads and building your list on the quick!

The Believer Sequence

Value: $297

This campaign is what allows you to nurture the new leads that you bring in with the Lead Magnet List Builder campaign, until they are ready to buy!

This campaign contains a sequence of strategically-written, perfectly-timed emails that transform your new leads from strangers to believers – believers in your business, your mission, your vision, and your products.

You plug it into your account with a click, customize the emails and timing, and viola, you’ll be nurturing your leads and making sales in no time.

The Cosmic Sales Call Campaign

Value: $297

This highly strategic campaign allows you to follow up with prospects at the most fortuitous of times…right when they’re visiting your pricing page…making them think – HOLY SMOKES, I was *JUST* on your website, this is COSMIC!

It fits in hand-in-hand with the Automatic Sales Machine, or can be used on its own. It comes with all the assets, including emails, task, complete with task outcomes, custom fields for objections, and more. This single campaign has made me thousands in my own photography business. 

The Birthday Bankroll

Value: $197

This campaign provides a steady stream of sales all year round! By sending a series of emails out to the prospect or customer surrounding their birthday, with a special birthday offer to incentivize their buying in time for their birthday.

It comes with professionally-written emails, landing page, tags, goals and awesome reporting, too! With this campaign it’ll be like YOUR birthday all year long as you rake in sales for your customers’ birthdays!

The Testimonial Engine

Value: $297

This campaign gets customers to leave positive feedback automatically at just the right time…when they’re getting the most out of their purchase. By systematizing the process and making it simple, you get more reviews and testimonials for your product, service, and business, and best of all, it’s happening round-the-clock!

The campaign comes with all the assets you need, from professionally-written emails, landing pages, forms, tags, and more! All you do is plug it into your account with a click and follow the simple instructions to customize and deploy it for your business!

The Deets

Five premium campaign templates (that include professionally-designed page templates, professionally-written email templates, tags, rules, forms, in addition, campaign flow and logic, with step-by-step video-instructions for how to customize and make them your own). With these powerful campaigns, you’ll have your core business systems in place in no time!


Five weeks’ access to the Leg Up Members’ area where you can access the campaigns, plus other bonus trainings!


Five weeks of group coaching calls with Tobin Jarrett or one of our other automation coaches so you can learn about your new automation platform from a true expert, and understand how to customize your bonus campaigns to suit your particular use-case, offer, and more.

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Meet Tobin

Tobin gets marketing strategy, business systems and the Ontraport platform at a profound level. His depth of knowledge across these three areas is what gives him the ability to create such extraordinary results for his clients. As the 3rd member of the founding team at Ontraport, Tobin served for years in myriad roles and capacities, from creating the Customer Support Department from the ground up, to advising on product design and marketing, to Director of Client Education. ​​​​​​​During his tenure, Tobin helped hundreds of business owners across a vast spectrum of industries use Ontraport to make more money, save time, and have more fun in their business.

These strategies and campaigns are different,
because they actually work.
But don’t take our word for it…

Take these smart (and successful) people’s word for it:

The work Tobin did in our business helped double our revenue in six months.


$131,000 and counting…

is what we created over the past two weeks using the Automated Sale Machine. It works perfectly and I’m so glad we made this investment! Shout out to Tobin for creating this because there is  no way we would have been this organized without Leg Up!


Domination Nation

[Leg Up has] been one of the best investments we’ve made in our business…

Ontraport’s value in our business has grown 15X because of the campaigns and coaching from Leg Up. And we are only getting started! I wish I had found this program six years ago.
The coaching you’ve given us on how to improve our copy, the design of our pages and flow, and how to better position our offers has been


Founder and CEO

Tobin has advised on and helped build many very sophisticated automated business systems, and knows how to get this kind of work done.

“Tobin has advised on and helped build many very sophisticated automated business systems, and knows how to get this kind of work done.”


Founder and CEO

If it wasn’t for Tobin’s Leg Up program, I might be out of business today… it is nothing short of a miraculous program, and I personally think anyone joining Ontraport should sign up for Leg Up…

“He’s not only a total tech wizard
who knows Ontraport better than anyone else on Earth, he’s also a savvy marketer who has amazing ideas on how to synthesize Ontraport into your own business.”



OOH I have to share! I launched my Testimonial engine last night and i got one back today and its the BEST testimonial EVER!!

I am so excited to see what else comes in! Thanks Tobin! Been wanting to get this kind of feedback from my clients for years but never had a clear system in place.



When I asked my network for a platform for our business…I kept hearing two things: Ontraport and Tobin.

“When I asked around in my professional network for a platform for running our business, and someone to implement it, I kept hearing two things: Ontraport and Tobin.”


Acting Director of Operations
Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

Tobin was able to understand our (very complicated) system design in record time and saved us more than $50k in time…if he were $100/minute he’d have still saved us money.

“Tobin was able to understand our (very complicated) system design in record time and saved us more than $50k in time…
​​​​​​​if he were $100/minute he’d have still saved us money.”


California Leadership

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Meet Tobin

As the 3rd member of the founding team at Ontraport, I’ve seen a LOT.  From starting and building the Customer Support Dept. from the ground up, advising on product design and marketing, to serving as Director of Client Education, I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of business owners across a vast spectrum of industries use Ontraport to make more money, save time, and have more fun in their business.

Since forming Tobin Jarrett Consulting in 2013, we’ve designed and implemented a ton of sophisticated and (brutally effective) automated systems for some of the internet’s most successful businesses. But sophistication for its own sake is a fool’s errand.

I’ve always been concerned with what puts revenue in the bank, and time back in your day. My team and I get marketing automation at a very deep level, and through the education, coaching, and mentorship we provide, we will leave you understanding the strategies and tools so you feel confident moving forward…and we even make it fun (really  🎉 🤣  🎉 ).

I love helping business owners eliminate the hassles and headaches of technology so they can get back to the fun parts – giving their gifts, helping more people, and maximizing revenue and profit. And that, my friend, is why I created Leg Up. 

Vishal Bhatia

Founder and CEO of Dedicated Developers

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Leg Up Member Since: May 10th, 2019

Hey Tobin,

I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how awesome your Leg Up program has been for us over here at Dedicated Developers.

We have been using Ontraport for the past seven years. Over the years, we’ve tried to launch various campaigns with whatever help we could: Ontraport’s implementation calls; using the templates OP offers for free; hiring certified consultants; etc. Yet it wasn’t until we signed up for Leg Up a few months ago that we started realizing the full magnitude of Ontraport’s capabilities.

As a small business owner, I’d always known Ontraport has the tools and features we need to be successful. However, due to our lack of expertise in Ontraport (and lack of time to master the software), I was never able to unleash its full potential…for the better part of seven years!

In fact, I had begun looking at other solutions for our business in hopes of finding a platform we could leverage faster and easier.

Then I heard about Leg Up and I decided that before I left Ontraport I’d give it one more try – but this time, with the aid of the Leg Up program.

Within a few weeks of registering and with the help of your excellent coaching calls, we had implemented your Automatic Sales Machine campaign.

What a world of difference it has been!! No longer do I worry about leads falling through the cracks. The campaign is so well-designed. After customizing it for our flow, it has automated our entire lead journey, from opt-in to appointment, to post-appointment follow up, to sale.

The lifetime value of our clients is very high, so every missed opportunity is a big deal for us. Now that I don’t have to worry about tracking every potential sale, I’m enjoying a newfound peace of mind, because our ASM campaign performs most of our sales process (automatically).

And the results we’re already seeing are awesome! For starters, we used to have leads falling through the cracks. Now those leads (who don’t book an appointment right away) are drawn back into engagement with our ASM campaign automation. I’d say our conversion from leads to appointment has gone up by over 15%.

Plus, the campaign follows up with our clients who buy the blueprint (the initial service we offer) to send us their documents so they feel more engaged. In fact, most of our clients think I manually sent them that follow-up email. Ha! This has increased our new client engagement and is likely to result in around at least a 10% increase in sales. A single sale for us is worth $20K+ so this is a huge lift in our bottom line.

It’s what I had always envisioned when I signed up for Ontraport, but it honestly wouldn’t have gotten done without Leg Up.

The Leg Up campaign templates are an awesome start, but what has been so key for me is the education and coaching. Your how-to videos in the campaigns and the weekly training I get from the group coaching calls have made the difference.

You really get it. AND you care! Your understanding of sales and marketing strategy, your excitement about my business and the best ways for me to use Ontraport’s features to achieve our goals have been total game-changers for us. The coaching you’ve given us on how to improve our copy, the design of our pages and flow, and how to better position our offers has been priceless.

I often have other members of our team watch the call recordings in the weeks following a call, as well. We’ve noticed that we’re all getting much more confident with the system and the result is that we’re having to reach out to Ontraport’s customer support less than before. A huge plus for us!

These coaching calls are so valuable for me that when I’m not able to be on one, I feel a pang of regret knowing how much I’m missing.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Ontraport’s value in our business has grown 15X because of Leg Up. And we are only getting started with so many Leg Up campaigns to launch! I wish I had found this program six years ago. I think we’d have doubled our business beyond where we are now. Oh, well! So glad we’ve got it now!

I’ve always loved the people and the culture at Ontraport, but honestly, I used to cringe when I’d see the charge for Ontraport on my credit card statement because I knew we weren’t getting anywhere near the potential value for the money we were spending on it. We were basically using it as a glorified email sender for all these years. These days when I think about the money we pay for Ontraport, I smile. I’m happy to pay for it. I am super glad to have found you and Leg Up! It’s been one of the best investments we’ve made in our business.

Thank you, Tobin!!

Best Wishes


Founder of LearningHerbs

Joining Ontraport without hiring Tobin to set it up for me would have been like buying all the parts to build a house without hiring a contractor.

Once Tobin set up my systems, I was able to take the wheel and use Ontraport to effectively build my business using just ONE amazing tool.

Fast forward 6 years and I found myself with a larger business and a team of 12 people. To be honest, the stress got to me and health problems forced me to have to take a break.

If it wasn’t for Tobin’s Leg Up program, I might be out of business today.

Through the Leg Up weekly group coaching calls and in-campaign training, my came up to speed…fast. Because of this, my team was able to take over with Ontraport to not only maintain my business, but to grow it.

When I fully recovered, I found myself no longer having to do all the automation stuff, because Tobin showed them how work the engine room, which is Ontraport.

You can waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out Ontraport by yourself.

However, what Tobin provides is worth 10x what he charges.

Leg Up is nothing short of a miraculous program, and I personally think anyone joining Ontraport should sign up.

Leg Up is not about “making money” with funnels and schemes like so many people are offering these days. Leg Up is simply about getting the support to build the systems you need to have an effective online business, whether you are solo or have a team.

Twice Tobin has swooped in to save my business and I will always be grateful.


Acting Director of Operations
Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

I’m a business consultant and have owned, sold and been involved with various internet marketing and advertising companies over the years.

Recently, I started work with a unique NYC based businesses called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. This medium sized business, run by women, for women, teaches workshops in the Womanly Arts, a set of tools and practices for succeeding in life as women.
​​​​​​​As the company grew, its internal systems, procedures and processes did not also grow and improve. Thus, I found myself having to renovate and re-engineer everything – from how to process payments, to how e-mails got sent and tracked, to how leads were tracked and handled. All of these were being done (poorly) through different systems and technologies – with a myriad of problems and complexities. It truly was a ball of yarn so tightly knotted and tangled, I didn’t know how to solve it. But I knew I needed to.

​​​​​​​When I asked around in my professional network for a platform for running our business and someone to implement it,I kept hearing two things: ONTRAPORT and Tobin.
I then posted an ad on Craigslist looking for an ONTRAPORT consultant, and I kid you not, the one response I got said, you should talk to Tobin – he’s the best person for this.

I thought to myself, who is this guy?! After talking with him several times, I realized why so many people in my professional network were raving fans. Tobin just gets it. He’s highly skilled with ONTRAPORT AND he understand sales, marketing and business process.

Seriously, you just don’t find that combination – and when you do, you can rarely hire them out to work with you for days on end, totally focused on solving your problems.

I can say that his ability to quickly grasp our issues and problems, current systems and methods and then help map them over to ONTRAPORT was invaluable.

With a robust system like ONTRAPORT, you need to architect it in advance. Just like you hire an architect to create plans for building your house before you build it (or at least I hope you do!), you want to get an “architect” to help you master plan your ONTRAPORT build.

At first I was not happy about the cost. But I quickly realized it was an investment – one that would pay dividends in two ways. One, investing in Tobin meant I saved myself from spending hours of time fixing problems and errors for months after the fact.

I suspect just in staff hours alone, I saved money hiring Tobin. But secondly, and more importantly, the investment in Tobin pays off every month as things work smoothly, and automatically and we can grow and scale our business. Tobin thought of and solved problems, I would never have thought of. He’s just got that level of skill, experience, and jedi mind magic. Seriously.

The last thing I’ll say is I’ve been super happy with his after-care. I didn’t realize how important this was, but having some calls and time to consult after our initial time together has been invaluable. He was available to answer questions, problem solve, guide and teach as needed.

We’ve been using ONTRAPORT for three months now, and have just registered 800 people for an upcoming event. Everything around this event has been gracefully and smoothly handled by ONTRAPORT. I literally can’t imagine how we did it before – and I have Tobin to thank for that.

His costs may feels steep and it may be unclear how to value it. But i can truly tell you if you have any scale of business, its a no-brainer investment.​​​​


Last updated March 05, 2021


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