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This simple campaign has all you need to capture new leads and grow your list  via a lead magnet opt-in offer, where you trade a valuable free resource in exchange for your leads’ email address and deliver the promised goods.

The campaign includes an opt-in page, thank you page, email templates, tags, and more, in addition to the campaign logic and reporting. You plug it into your account with a click, customize the assets, and viola, you're collecting leads and building your list on the quick!
Note: You must be logged in to your Ontraport Account when you click the button in order for the campaign installation to work. 
This campaign is what allows you to nurture the new leads that you bring in with the Lead Magnet List Builder campaign, until they are ready to buy!

This campaign contains a sequence of strategically-written, perfectly-timed emails that transform your new leads from strangers to believers - believers in your business, your mission, your vision, and your products.

You plug it into your account with a click, customize the emails and timing, and viola, you'll be nurturing your leads and making sales in no time.
Note: You must be logged in to your Ontraport Account when you click the button in order for the campaign installation to work. 
This campaign gets customers to leave positive feedback automatically at just the right time...when they're getting the most out of their purchase. By systematizing the process and making it simple, you get more reviews and testimonials for your product, service, and business, and best of all, it's happening round-the-clock!

The campaign comes with all the assets you need, from professionally-written emails, landing pages, forms, tags, and more! All you do is plug it into your account with a click and follow the simple instructions to customize and deploy it for your business!
Note: You must be logged in to your Ontraport Account when you click the button in order for the campaign installation to work. 
This simple, yet highly strategic campaign allows you to follow up with prospects at the most fortuitous of times...right when they’re visiting your pricing page, or right when they’ve reached a certain lead score...making them think - HOLY SMOKES, I was *JUST* on your website, this is COSMIC!

It fits in hand-in-hand with the Automatic Sales Machine, or can be used on its own. It comes with all the assets, including emails, task, complete with task outcomes, custom fields for objections, and more. This single campaign has made me thousands in my own photography business. 
Note: You must be logged in to your Ontraport Account when you click the button in order for the campaign installation to work. 
This campaign provides a steady stream of sales all year round! By sending a series of emails out to the prospect or customer surrounding their birthday, with a special birthday offer to incentivize their buying in time for their birthday.

It comes with professionally-written emails, landing page, tags, goals and awesome reporting, too! With this campaign it'll be like YOUR birthday all year long as you rake in sales for your customers' birthdays!

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Unlock The Remaining Campaigns!
This campaign takes abandon cart to a whole other level by offering those who’ve demonstrated a lot of interest (visited your pricing page, order page, etc.), but still haven’t made it all the way through the purchase process, by offering them a trial for a full 2 weeks, for just $1.

Then, just like the "BMG Penny Music Club" from the 90's, if they don’t cancel, it rolls over into a purchase after 14 days. This campaign consistently generates an extra 5%-15% of additional sales!

It contains all the assets - from the sales page, trial, emails, thank you page, as well as goals and reporting so you can start increasing sales now! 
This campaign automatically follows up with customers who have disengaging with an online/membership product, urging them to engage to take action so they can get the benefits. After all, a disengaged customer can't get any good from the product.

It comes with the campaign logic, goals, triggers, tags, and emails required. All you need to do is follow the included instructions to customize the assets, and viola, your members will stay engaged, get more value from your products, and go on to leave you feedback and testimonials, and buy subsequent products from you!
This nifty little campaign eases the pain of cancellations to online membership and other subscription programs, by removing the manual steps, such as removing membership levels, access to other elements of the service or product, stopping open orders, and tagging the former member so they no longer get charged, sending cancellation confirmation emails, and more.

It comes with all the assets, including the email, campaign logic, triggers, conditions, and more.
This awesome campaign turns would-be cancellers back into customers before they're done cancelling, limiting churn, increasing revenue and profit, and keeping your customers right where they are!

The campaign contains the landing page, form, rules, conditions, triggers, goals and more. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions to customize and deploy this in your business!
This campaign allows you to go from zero to generating referral sales  with an affiliate program of your own; the campaign instantly and automatically creates a new affiliate partner, sends them their affiliate link and the info they’ll need to promote your offering, along with encouragement along the way to remind them when and how to best promote for you.

The campaign comes with professionally-written emails that educate your new affiliates about how affiliate promotion works, where to go to check their stats, affiliate signup form, tags, campaign flow, and more!
This campaign allows you to consistently and automatically be re-engaging your list and cleansing it of those who are truly disengaged, allowing you to keep your mailing list effortlessly clean, engaged, and getting the very best inbox delivery rates!

The campaign comes with professionally-written emails, triggers, conditions, goals, reporting and campaign flow.
This campaign is for you if you do sales over the phone, via video conference (or in person)! It allows you to automate every part of even the most sophisticated sales process, sending the perfect next communications and follow up tasks, sales pipeline status, and more, all based on the the outcome of the sales call.

It provides for robust, sophisticated salesforce automation with transparency, great reporting, accountability, and track-ability and includes professionally-written emails, as well as tasks, tags, custom fields, all along the (dizzyingly sophisticated) campaign path. You'll be making sales and following up with personalization and targeting like a boss (and you'll be SO glad you didn't have to create this campaign, yourself!)!
This campaign allows you to build your list by driving traffic to sign up for a free challenge "21-Day Challenge". After all, it's said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This type of valuable free offer is extremely compelling, outperforming most other lead magnets, while also allowing you a very long time to prove the value of your content.

During the 21 days, challengers receive a series of emails encouraging and coaching them, and if they do everything they’re asked to do, they should have a result or transformation. The campaign welcomes people to the challenge they’ve signed up for, then nurtures them throughout and includes the registration/opt-in page, thank you page, campaign logic, reporting, goals, emails, tags and more.
This campaign allows you to quickly and easily deploy an online product launch in the style of Jeff Walker’s famous PLF (Product Launch Formula), except instead of having to run the launch live, the campaign manages the launch “evergreen style,” so that no matter when a person opts-in to the initial piece of content, they receive the flow in a way that feels like it’s being run live.

The campaign includes the opt-in page, form, thank you page, tags, conditional logic to ensure people are always getting the right video for where they are in the launch, plus professionally-written emails, the "PLC" video pages, order page, along with the goals and reports you need to run your evergreen launch!
This campaign allows you to generate sales on autopilot all year-round, by reminding people to buy/get maintenance servicing timed perfectly with when they should re-buy.

It uses the same logic and is named after the famous "come in for your oil change" mailer that always seems to hit your inbox at just the right time when you're due for your next oil change.

It contains a professionally-designed postcard, pre-written emails, coupon code, goals, tags and more, so you'll be getting more repeat business all year long!
This campaign gets customers and clients to leave authentic, potent, emotional feedback and testimonials at just the right time...when they're getting the most out of what you offer.

By systematizing the process and making it simple, you get more reviews and testimonials...round-the-clock!

From there, the Invisible Referral Machine inspires and activated these folks to refer earning you more customers from their peeps.

It takes the chance and mystery out of getting referrals, turning your happy customers into a reliable army of referrers for you.
This campaign goes hand-in-hand with the Testimonial Engine, turning your existing (happy) customers into loyal referrers, who get you more customers from their network of friends and associates, while getting important feedback from those who may not be loving you (so they don't badmouth you all over the web).

It takes the chance and mystery out of getting referrals, turning your happy customers into a reliable army of referrers for you.

The campaign contains all the required assets, including professionally written emails, custom fields, goals, reporting, and simple, step-by-step instructions you'll use to make it your own.
This campaign allows you to create year-round sales boosts on the anniversary of your customers' purchase date. Celebrate their anniversary with a special "Happy Anniversary" offer (discount, bonuses, or other) for them to purchase again.

It comes with professionally-written emails, landing page, tags, goals and awesome reporting, too!  
This campaign allows buyers of membership site products to have membership levels added automatically upon purchase, with an email welcoming them and providing them with their login credentials. It saves the hassle and fuss of setting this all up, yourself, so you can get your membership offering launched and working on the quick.

It comes with a simple order page, membership levels, emails, SMS messages, and more.
This campaign does what the name says...it’s like a crystal ball, that tells you WHO your hottest leads are! And not just who they are, but exactly how hot they are, how recent they’ve been engaging with your emails, your website and landing pages, and the specifics around exactly what they did...all at a glance...so you can take specific actions, either manually or set up automations to target these leads in ways that help you close more of them better and faster!
Bonus Trainings

Since our webforms are the gateway to our list, they're how we get leads and eventually make sales – so it’s vital that they look great to maximize the number of visitors we’re able to convert into leads.

So…that’s why in this 11-minute video I’m going to teach you 5 ways to make your Ontraport forms convert (and look) much better!

In it, you'll discover you can use 1 amazing tool to make your forms look WAY better, plus how you can get more page visitors to opt-in, and wind up with BETTER QUALITY leads all at once.

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I’m going to teach you a super simple but also super powerful and strategic little tactic for getting an effective 30-50% increase to your email opens.  And it takes like 4 minutes to set up. 

I’m going to teach you this tactic for upping your email opens inside the Ontraport platform, but if you use some other software that’ll do this for you, you can extrapolate as to how you’d get this done in that platform. 

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I’m going to teach you a process that will  help you write (way) better emails in (far) less time…and have more fun in the process.

If you rely on email marketing for your business (or you know you should be doing it), this video is for you!

If you follow this process, it'll make your emails easier to write, help you reliably get that regular email out to your list, and what's more, it will result in emails that convert more openers into clickers! 

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If you're an Ontraport user and you're still using broadcasts to email your list, this episode is for you. In this short 4 minute video I share why I don’t use email broadcasts and what I do instead.

First I’ll go through the 4 reasons WHY I avoid using broadcasts, then I’ll show you exactly how you can quickly and easily use Campaigns to do the same thing, but better.

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Check this out…what if when a client passed a certain threshold of spending in your business, they were automatically sent a beautiful hand-crafted piece of pottery from a local artisan, along with a heartfelt thank you card? Or a box of truffles from your local chocolotier?

In Ontraport, you can pull this off with comical ease.

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Over the last few months, alone, we’ve created and shared 32 new page templates to the template marketplace. In fact, to date, we’re responsible for a whopping 106 pages!

But unlike many of them, ours are 100% free.

Say, whaaaa?

I’ll take you on a little tour of our latest beauties + show you exactly how and where to go to access them!

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When you plan out a launch, you need to break it up and think through each stage of the journey, from promotion (that is, spreading the word to your existing list and new, cold traffic, via ads) to capturing the leads via webforms, welcoming the leads, reminding them about the upcoming event (so they actually show up), as well as the conversion event (the webinar, video masterclass, or whatever other event you’re using to sell), and the post-event sales period (such as emails, remarketing ad campaigns, and whatever other channels you’re using to promote). Not to mention any order bumps, upsells, and downsells you may want to offer. Then there’s the cart abandonment campaign and waitlist funnel. And finally there’s the actual fulfillment…delivering the goods to your buyers.

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Quizzes are incredible for generating leads, but they can do MUCH more than that! Done right, a great quiz funnel can generate better-qualified leads and help you convert them better and faster, especially if you sell high-ticket offerings! In this special training, Tobin walks you through how to creat your very own high-converting quiz funnel!

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A 1-click email survey is great for segmenting and re-engaging your list. If you find yourself with the list comprised of differenct kinds of contacts, but you don’t already have them tagged uniquely, but you want to be able to market differently to the different segments, then you should consider doing a 1-click email survey. In this special training, Tobin walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your very own 1-click email survey. 

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