Don’t need everything in the Leg Up Arsenal?
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Pick and choose the templates you need now.

Here are the funnel and automation templates that are available à la carte!

The Lead Magnet
​​​​​​​List Builder Campaign

Full Price: $197

This campaign has all you need to capture new leads and grow your list with a lead magnet opt-in offer!

The campaign includes an opt-in page, thank you page, email templates, tags, and more, in addition to the campaign logic and reporting. You plug it into your account with a click, customize the assets, and viola, you’re collecting leads and building your list on the quick!

The Believer Sequence

Full Price: $297

This campaign lets you to nurture the new leads that you bring in with the Lead Magnet List Builder!

It contains a sequence of strategically-written, perfectly-timed emails that transform your new leads from strangers to believers – believers in your business, your mission, your vision, and your products.

You plug it into your account with a click, watch the step-by-step videos, customize the emails and timing, and 💣💥💣! You’ll be nurturing your leads and making sales like a boss!

21-Day Challenge Campaign

Full Price: $397

This funnel allows you to build your list offering a free challenge challenge opt-in offer.

The campaign template comes with all the parts and pieces you’ll need to deploy your very own challenge, from start to finish, including: beautifully-designed landing pages, forms, email templates, campaign logic, goals, tags and all you need to run the campaign on autopilot! You just follow the simple step-by-step video instructions from Tobin in the side-bar of your campaign, customizing the assets with your content and you’ll have your very own free challenge in a fraction of the time! Not only are Free Challenge offers highly shareable, but they build your list while training your new leads to open up and interact with your emails from the start, setting you up for optimal inbox delivery rates! Boom!

The Automatic Sales Machine

Full Price: $997

To date this one campaign has helped Leg Up users generate over a $3.5MM in sales!

If you do sales calls, this campaign funnel is a MUST-HAVE! It lets you to automate every part of even the most sophisticated sales process, sending the perfect next communications and follow up tasks, sales pipeline status, and more, all based on the outcome of the sales call.

It provides for robust, sophisticated salesforce automation with transparency, great reporting, accountability, and track-ability and includes professionally-written emails, as well as tasks, tags, custom fields, all along the sophisticated campaign path. You’ll be making sales and following up with personalization and targeting like a boss (and you’ll be SO glad you didn’t have to create this campaign, yourself!). 

The Evergreen PLF Launch Campaign

Full Price: $997

This campaign allows you to quickly and easily deploy an online product launch in the style of Jeff Walker’s famous PLF (Product Launch Formula), except instead of having to run the launch live, the campaign manages the launch “evergreen style,” so that no matter when a person opts-in to the initial piece of content, they receive the flow in a way that feels like it’s being run live.

The campaign includes the opt-in page, form, thank you page, tags, conditional logic to ensure people are always getting the right video for where they are in the launch, plus professionally-written emails, the “PLC” video pages, order page, along with the goals and reports you need to run your evergreen launch!

The Anniversary Avalanche

Full Price: $197

This campaign allows you to create year-round sales boosts on the anniversary of your customers’ purchase date. Celebrate their anniversary with a special “Happy Anniversary” offer (discount, bonuses, or other) for them to purchase again.

It comes with professionally-written emails, landing page, tags, goals and awesome reporting, too!

The Cosmic Sales Call Campaign

Full Price: $297

This highly strategic campaign allows you to follow up with prospects at the most fortuitous of times…right when they’re visiting your pricing page…making them think – HOLY SMOKES, I was *JUST* on your website, this is COSMIC!

It fits in hand-in-hand with the Automatic Sales Machine, or can be used on its own. It comes with all the assets, including emails, task, complete with task outcomes, custom fields for objections, and more. This single campaign has made me thousands in my own photography business. 

The Attrition Buster

Full Price: $297
This awesome campaign turns would-be cancellers back into customers before they’re done cancelling, limiting churn, increasing revenue and profit, and keeping your customers right where they are! The campaign contains the landing page, form, rules, conditions, triggers, goals and more. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions to customize and deploy this in your business!

The Testimonial Engine

Full Price: $297

This campaign gets customers to leave positive feedback automatically at just the right time…when they’re getting the most out of their purchase. By systematizing the process and making it simple, you get more reviews and testimonials for your product, service, and business, and best of all, it’s happening round-the-clock!

The campaign comes with all the assets you need, from professionally-written emails, landing pages, forms, tags, and more! All you do is plug it into your account with a click and follow the simple instructions to customize and deploy it for your business!

The Invisible Referral Machine

Full Price: $697

This campaign goes hand-in-hand with the Testimonial Engine, turning your existing (happy) customers into loyal referrers, who get you more customers from their network of friends and associates, while getting important feedback from those who may not be loving you (so they don’t badmouth you all over the web).

It takes the chance and mystery out of getting referrals, turning your happy customers into a reliable army of referrers for you.

The campaign contains all the required assets, including professionally written emails, custom fields, goals, reporting, and simple, step-by-step instructions you’ll use to make it your own.


Full Price: $197

This campaign allows you to go from zero to generating referral sales with an affiliate program of your own; the campaign instantly and automatically creates a new affiliate partner, sends them their affiliate link and the info they’ll need to promote your offering, along with encouragement along the way to remind them when and how to best promote for you.

The campaign comes with professionally-written emails that educate your new affiliates about how affiliate promotion works, where to go to check their stats, affiliate signup form, tags, campaign flow, and more!

1-Click Segmentation Survey

Full Price: $97

A 1-click email survey is great for segmenting and re-engaging your list. If you find yourself with a list comprised of different kinds of contacts, but you don’t already have them tagged uniquely, but you want to be able to market differently to the different segments, then you should consider doing a 1-click email survey. In this special training, Tobin walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your very own 1-click email survey.

Automatic Contract Magic

Full Price: $297
This is for you if you’ve got an offering that you’d like to have your buyers sign a contract for before your buyer gets access to the product. This setup mirrors the one you were sent through upon purchase of Leg Up, in fact.

The flow is that upon purchase, a contract gets triggered from SignRequest (our preferred e-sign app). Once they sign, they’re
then moved to the place in the automation map that sends the welcome and orientation email.

This template comes complete with all the assets you’ll need to make this your own, including a Step-by-step video walkthrough, tags, triggers and even the Zap templates you’ll use to customize and make this your own.

Hot Leads Crystal Ball Campaign

Full Price: $197

This campaign does what the name says…it’s like a crystal ball, that tells you WHO your hottest leads are! And not just who they are, but exactly how hot they are, how recent they’ve been engaging with your emails, your website and landing pages, and the specifics around exactly what they did…all at a glance…so you can take specific actions, either manually or set up automations to target these leads in ways that help you close more of them better and faster!

The Birthday Bankroll

Full Price: $197

This campaign provides a steady stream of sales all year round! By sending a series of emails out to the prospect or customer surrounding their birthday, with a special birthday offer to incentivize their buying in time for their birthday.

It comes with professionally-written emails, landing page, tags, goals and awesome reporting, too! With this campaign it’ll be like YOUR birthday all year long as you rake in sales for your customers’ birthdays!

See it in action...

Click below to watch a 2 minute video tour of just one of the campaigns within the Leg up Arsenal. Each of the campaigns come with step-by-step training videos that walk you through the process of customizing and making these campaigns your own. This example was pulled right from one of our most popular and powerful campaigns!