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Transform Your Craft Into a Thriving Business that Sustains Your Creative Spirit and Lifestyle

🌟 Calling All Creative Souls! 🌟

Tired of working away day after day, year after year toward someone else’s goals?

If so, then The Abundant Artisan may very well be for you. 

Created by an artisan, for artisans, The Abundant Artisan is unlike any other “how to build a business” course available, anywhere. Cathy Hay has distilled 27 years of self-taught lessons into a LIVE, actionable course designed to shortcut your path to a profitable creative business.

This course isn’t just about turning your craft into another job. 

It’s about the chance to create a life of freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment. Monday mornings CAN be as fun as Friday afternoons; you just need a few skills that you might not have considered before.

In the Abundant Artisan course we’ll create a shared environment where life and business are infused with possibility, belief in ourselves, and a shared vision for each other that’s bigger than we ever had for ourselves. It’s not just about surviving, but thriving – and doing so on your terms.

Starting or growing a business can be lonely.

If you’ve ever even considered it, you’ll be familiar with the voices in your head that tell you to play it safe. (It’s so easy to capitulate to a little late night imposter syndrome.) I’ve designed the Abundant Artisan environment especially to counteract that loneliness and doubt.

Let Me Ask You…

Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve poured years of your life into your craft. You’ve dreamed of how fantastic it would be to live on your own timetable and generate your livelihood from your creativity.
  • But moving from daydreaming to actually having your beloved craft form the basis of your work… it’s overwhelming. 
  • Maybe you’ve got great ideas but you simply don’t know where to start or what to do first?
  • Or maybe you’ve got some traction, but you’ve been stopped by self-doubt, overwhelm, not enough time, or burnout. 

Well, Fellow Creative…

That’s exactly why I created “The Abundant Artisan: Creative Business Blueprint,” a six week, step-by-step guided journey to take you from where you are now to actually making money from your craft! 

In the decades I’ve spent as a creative entrepreneur, I’ve spent countless hours, made countless mistakes, and invested tens of thousands of dollars into learning the most effective ways to start and grow a creative business. 

And I’m taking the fruit of all that experience, failure, and success, and giving you the very best to help you save years worth of trial and error and tap directly into what works.

How it works…

Join me live, twice a week, for our Zoom gatherings where I’ll teach the new lesson from the course, followed by a hearty Q&A and group coaching to clear any fog on the horizon. Yes, there will be worksheets – your trusty maps to guide you through!

If life’s tides keep you from joining live, it’s not an issue. Every single session will be safely harboured in your membership portal for you to revisit at your leisure.

And your journey between sessions? You’ll have clear, straightforward tasks to ensure you’re not just learning, but doing – because that’s where the real magic happens.

You’ll probably surprise yourself…

From the very first session, prepare to be lit up and excited. Even one simple shift in how you think about your business can make all the difference to the results you’re seeing – and it can do so remarkably fast. 

Clare came into the course with a “meh” project that hadn’t got off the ground, and within a week or two she had an epiphany and remembered the craft that REALLY lit her up. That single insight changed everything, and the energy she felt by re-embracing her true passion gave her all the juice she needed to make her business work.

If you’ve been noodling on a business idea for years, but never got past the noodle stage, expect to have your path cleared to surge forward. 

If you have an existing business, we’re going to get your head out of the details and into the bigger picture – and that powerful re-focus will give you the perspective to make the big, game changing shifts you hadn’t seen before.

Imagine what you could do…

I have many photos of the corsets, costumes, and wedding dresses I made for clients in the 1990s and 2000s. I’m proud of what I created, and the way those handmade clothes made my clients feel.

But I also remember my hands aching from cutting out homemade business cards with a pair of scissors. I remember the stress, the late nights, and the frustration of making only pocket money from all that effort, the soul sucking temporary office jobs I did to make ends meet, and the struggle to make it look like I knew what I was doing, when inside I felt like a fraud.

It was hard. I pretended that I loved it, and sometimes, I did. But there had to be a better way.

Contrast with today… My flourishing business is well known around the world, and people are interested and curious about what we can do for them. I look forward to Monday mornings as much as Saturday mornings, because I know the value we deliver and I believe in what’s possible through this work. I can choose my work hours according to my energy levels, live where I choose, travel if I want to, and take my work with me, while my team help me support our clients. 

Raving fans are only too happy to pay us regularly for the value they feel they’re getting out of what we do, and I get to support creative people who work for the business in making their lives creative and fulfilling too.

Now your vision may not look exactly the same as mine, but nevertheless… I know you have a vision of what this could look like for you. And it can happen, just like mine did.

Meet your instructor…

Taught by yours truly, Cathy Hay!

Over the past 16 years, I’ve channeled my passion for historical dressmaking into creating Foundations Revealed: The Historical Sewing Academy. It’s been a journey of transforming my creative skills into a thriving business and sharing what I’ve learned with my fellow makers. 

Starting from the ground up, I’ve built a business that sustains my love for creativity. Of course there have been obstacles along the way, but my experience stands as a testament: with the right mindset, skills, and strategy, your creative talents can indeed translate into a meaningful livelihood.

And while sewing still brings me joy, I feel a responsibility to help other creatives turn their passions into prosperity. With the wisdom gathered from 16 years of nurturing Foundations Revealed into a vibrant global community, I bring personalized insights on how to achieve both

This Actually Works. Here’s proof…

“Cathy helped me cut through the noise so I could hear myself and what I wanted to do. She helped me see a different path through the forest, and over the past five years I’ve been able to go from unhappy employee to six figure business owner.”


United Kingdom

“Cathy’s ability to see people and the beauty in their struggles is a gift… [it] helps me to soldier on. The course was definitely a good thing for me because of how she pushed and inspired me, but it also was gentle in that she guided and didn’t run roughshod over us.”


United States

“I have just committed myself to my first actual commission from a stranger. And started a website. So this course is working! It’s good to finally have the focus and will to move forward.”



“This… was incredibly powerful. Last week we finally received the key to our forever cottage in Ireland […which was a goal I set during the course]! Thank you Cathy.”

J. Steinmann


“The course gave me a different way of approaching the possibility of having a successful creative business. I would recommend it to overthinkers and nay-sayers.”


“I consider this course as my first investment in my future – so thank you very much!”



What’s So Special About This Program?

MINDSET is more than a buzzword...

...if you’re going to do this well. You need to think like a business owner. You need to know your own worth. You need to set your sights higher than you might ever have dared before. You need to come from a place of possibility and service. All of that happens in your head, before you make your first move out there in the world

COMMUNITY makes ALL the difference when...’re a small business owner. Your brother in law/Mum/bestie has never flown this plane. They mean well, but you need experienced co-pilots, not well-meaning back seat drivers. And in an online world characterised by judgement, fear, and snarkiness, you need a safe incubator for those big ideas. That’s a big part of what you’ll get in The Abundant Artisan!


...a place to go with your questions. Those problems that keep you up at night have probably happened to someone else before. Wouldn’t you rather save your energy, sleep well, and ask someone with experience to help you think it through and act with confidence tomorrow morning?

What’s Available From Your Participation in The Abundant Artisan…

Unshackled Creativity

Break free from the constraints of the 9-to-5 grind and unleash your full creative potential. This course is your roadmap to living on your terms, and turning passion projects into a sustainable livelihood.

The Joy of Thriving

Go beyond mere survival in the business world. This course is about crafting a life brimming with joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

Financial Empowerment

Unlock the secrets to pricing your art not just for what it’s worth, but also for the joy it brings to you and your customers. You’ll learn to set and communicate prices that reflect the true value of your work.

Mindset Mastery

Shift your perspective to think like an entrepreneur with an artist’s soul. Embrace a mindset of abundance that elevates your craft and life to levels you’ve only imagined.

Craft Your Own Days

Learn how to structure your business in a way that aligns with your natural rhythm and energy flow, allowing you to work when you’re most inspired.

A Supportive Fellowship

Join a community of like-minded artisans, all on similar journeys to redefine what it means to be successful. Here, questions are answered, fears are overcome, and victories are celebrated together.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

Skip the trial and error and benefit from Cathy’s quarter-century of experience distilled into potent lessons that provide clarity, direction, and actionable strategies.

By joining The Abundant Artisan course...

…you’re not just signing up for lessons; you’re embarking on a journey to a life in which your craft is your calling card, your business, and your source of lasting joy. If you’re ready to carve out a niche that’s authentically yours, this course is the catalyst you need.

What You Get

Remember, this isn’t just a course; it’s an investment in your dream and the first step toward creating a life you love.  Imagine the value of doing what you love, day in and out, and being paid what you're worth.

  • The core 5 pillars training

  • Done-for-you swipe files, resource lists & templates

  • Bonus masterclasses & advanced trainings with some VERY successful creative entrepreneurs

  • Live group coaching with Cathy Hay

  • Lifetime membership


Plus Bonuses…

Bonus 1 - Exclusive Workbook

($197 value)

Helps you navigate each lesson, one piece at a time

Bonus 2 - Grow your audience

($97 value)

Know what to post, get ahead, and never struggle for content again

Bonus 3 - Menu of Viable Offerings

($197 value)

Browse and choose from multiple tried and tested ways to successfully monetise your craft that you may not have thought of

Bonus 4 - Mastering Money Template

($297 value)

The simple tool Cathy has used for 27 years that makes managing money in your business easy (even if you’re Math phobic)

Bonus 5 - VIP bonus session with Cathy

($297 value)

First 50 attendees only

Total Value of All Bonuses


Will you Join Us?

Enroll in The Abundant Artisan and transform your craft into your livelihood.

Doors close at 11:59pm, Nov. 22nd

This is a LIVE program, meaning we will be going through it together.

The programs on Monday, November 27th.



Get started for today for just $397, with an additional two monthly payments of $397




(save almost $200)

But Don’t Dawdle

Why? Only the first 50 enrollees will receive access to the VIP bonus session with Cathy!

Join Us, Risk Free

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential of this course – it’s a game-changer. But I want you to feel just as sure about it as I do. So here’s the deal: dive in, give it your all for 30 days, and if you’re not over the moon with the progress you’re making, just drop me a line. Show me you’ve put in the work because this journey is all about taking action. If it’s not the right fit, you’ll get every penny back. No hoops, no hassle.

This course isn’t for dabblers. It’s for the passionate, the committed, those ready to take their creative business to soaring heights.

A Warning

This course? It can be life changing, but it’s not magic. It’s for action-takers who know that anything worth doing is worth putting in the work.

It’s for the heart-and-soul creatives, the dedicated dreamers, the ones who are finally ready to craft their passion into a thriving business. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.


We live in a world of increasing awareness of the need to create equity and equal opportunity for all. If you are from a disadvantaged background or a traditionally marginalised community and you would like to apply for a scholarship for this course, please email [email protected] as quickly as possible, telling us why you’re a good fit for this course. A small number of scholarships will be granted to those in genuine need who are an excellent fit.

A Final Note

What society says is a safe, respectable life isn’t enough. It wasn’t for me. 

Call me a rebel, but I didn’t want to spend my one wild and precious life working toward someone else’s dreams. 

What society says is a reasonable working environment isn’t enough either. Not for me. Eight hours in a cubicle? Six hours on a restaurant floor? Count me out. The necessity of the paycheck wasn’t even going to sweeten the deal. My mental health said NOPE. I knew there had to be a better way.

I’ve been self-employed for twenty-seven years… because I had to be. I’m creative. I’m sensitive. Hell, I’m not quite sure I’m of *this* world at all *gestures around vaguely*. And I knew I couldn’t play the standard time-for-money game. It was never going to work.

So I had to figure out another way.

Not gonna lie, it took forever to figure it out. It took a lot of bumps and bruises, and even the odd embarrassing bail-out from the bank of Mum and Dad (thank you, privilege. That played its part in this story too). 

A quarter of a century on, my business isn’t perfect. It still has holes you could drive a bus through. But you don’t have to get it perfect; you just need to get it going.

And after all those years of flailing about making mistakes and figuring it out, I feel a responsibility to share what I’ve learned to help others to seize the kind of freedom, joy, and satisfaction I’ve gradually developed – WITHOUT the 27 year learning curve.

I hope you’ll join us.


Cathy Hay

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s natural to be cautious about expenses. However, think of this course as an investment in your future—one that’s designed to pay for itself many times over. We’ve also structured flexible payment options to accommodate different budgets. If you’re determined to turn your creativity into a thriving business, this course is a step towards that return on investment.

We’ve designed The Abundant Artisan to fit into even the busiest schedules. With focused lessons and actionable tasks, you can make significant progress with just a few hours per week. Plus, the skills you’ll acquire will save you countless hours down the line, making your creative process more efficient.

Overwhelm is a sign of a cluttered approach, not a busy business. In The Abundant Artisan, we focus on simplification and efficiency—teaching you to identify and hone in on the high-impact activities. You’ll learn the art of the “sacred no” to unnecessary tasks and gain strategies for effective time management, ensuring you wear your many hats with ease.

Transitioning from a hobby to a business does not mean losing your passion. In fact, it’s about channeling that love into a sustainable format. We address burnout prevention, boundary setting, and explore how new business challenges can actually rekindle your love for your craft in surprising, fulfilling ways.

Patience is key in any business venture, but you won’t be idle. You’ll learn strategies for generating initial income and creating a plan to predict and prepare for a more stable financial future. This course is about setting realistic expectations and building a foundation for consistent revenue.

Every artist is unique, and there’s always room for your individual voice. We’ll show you how to stand out and attract an audience that resonates with your specific style, ensuring your art finds its place in the vibrant tapestry of the market.

Not at all. The Abundant Artisan is about balancing your business with your creative vision. You’ll discover how to stay true to your art while learning how to market it effectively, ensuring that integrity and success go hand in hand.

Whether you’re at the idea stage or refining your offerings, this course is designed to clarify your direction. You’ll be guided through identifying your first products or services and building a customer base, even if you’re starting from scratch.

You’re an artist, not a born businessperson, and that’s okay. The Abundant Artisan is tailored for creatives who need a business education that speaks their language. You’ll gain the acumen you need in a way that feels natural and empowering.

This is a common concern, and a classic dead end, but the joy doesn’t have to diminish. We’ll cover strategies for maintaining boundaries, avoiding burnout, and discovering new dimensions of joy in your craft. Turning your passion into a business is about gaining more control over your work and finding even greater satisfaction in it.

Financial stability is crucial, and we’ll cover strategies for generating your first sales and establishing a timeline for financial growth. The Abundant Artisan is designed to get you to that first crucial sale and build a foundation for consistent income.

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