If your business uses Ontraport

and generates over $500K in revenue,
you need your very own, fully-trained
Ontraport Rockstar.
On your team. As an employee.
Not “I’ll just do it myself”.
Not a consultant. Not a VA.
Period. Read on and let me prove it to you.


If you rely heavily on Ontraport for your business, but you lack a dedicated employee whose job it is to handle all-things Ontraport (including email marketing and delivery optimization, funnels, systems, CRM, metrics, customer support, etc.) you’ve had 5 options until now, and all of them have serious problems.

Bottom line:

Serious businesses need a dedicated, full-time (or at least part-time) person on their team who cares, gets their business on a deep level, and knows Ontraport very well. Period.


Grow Your Own is an intensive training that turns your teammate(s) into a bonafide Ontraport rockstar. Not a fledgling consultant bent on striking out on their own. Just your awesome team member who’s your new, home-grown, go-to Ontraport expert.

You send one or more of your team members…and provided they’ve got a halfway decent head on their shoulders, I’ll turn them into an Ontraport expert for you! In 5 days, flat. 

Plus, as I train your team member(s), I’ll spend time looking into your account  for the ways your campaigns, automation and segmentation and strategy can be improved. And we’ll roll up our sleeves and make those improvements. 

If you’ve ever hired a consultant…

you may know all too well the feeling of having the work done for you, but then always being reliant upon the consultant to know how to do it.

The truth is that consultants have no real incentive to impart their knowledge to their clients. Because the more the client knows how to do themselves, the less reliant that client is upon the consultant.

That’s why I knew I had to create Grow Your Own…so that businesses could acquire the skills required, internally, to be successful with Ontraport.
For the long term.

The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu said

that if you “Give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”. With Grow Your Own, your team is not only learning how to fish, but I’m also catching fish as I teach them!

How? Simple: instead of merely lecturing about how to use Ontraport, I’m actively looking within your account for specific opportunities to optimize, uplevel, clean, and organize.

Plus, I teach by SHOWING, not just by lecturing. Then, when it comes time for your team mate(s) to practice what they’ve learned, they’ve got me watching so I can check their work and coach them on the most optimal ways to set your systems up!

Best of all, since all sessions are recorded on Zoom, you’re left with organized, catalogued videos of the fishing lessons your team can quickly and easily refer back to anytime.


I was the third-ever team member at Ontraport. Waaaay back when! True story: together with Landon Ray, and the first two developers, I actually helped found Ontraport over a decade ago.

We started Ontraport – no joke – in a yurt in Landon’s backyard. Back then it was called “OfficeAutopilot”.

I literally wrote the first Ontraport Certification course and personally trained the first couple of rounds of Cert classes. It was also my job to train the new hires.

As the Director of Client Education for Ontraport…

Much of my job was to take the complex ideas and concepts about Ontraport and distill them into simple, clear lessons. I created all of the original Ontraport training videos, including the renowned “9-Moves” series.

I’m passionate about teaching. And good at it.

They say it takes 10,000 hours
to become a true expert…

In the nearly ten years I’ve spent working as a consultant, as well as in my own businesses, I’ve clocked over ten thousand hours working in Ontraport in a ton of organizations, across a vast spectrum of industries and niches.

I’ve developed workflows to save time, hacks to achieve results faster and better, and the kinds of templates and SOP’s that have upleveled my productivity and effectiveness in Ontraport in ways the average user can’t imagine.

I’ve encountered every glitch, hiccup or feature limitation there is and I’ve figured out the workarounds.

I’m one of the world’s foremost Ontraport Experts. I’ve got the results to prove it. And I can turn your teammate(s) into the ultimate home-grown Ontraport rockstar.



You register for Grow Your Own.

You fill out the intake questionnaire to give us a clear sense of your situation.



You book the Grow Your Own session that fits your needs and schedule.

We have our intake call.



You team member(s) show up for the training.

5 days later, you’ve got your very own home-grown Ontraport rockstar(s) on your team!


Instead of having to clock thousands of hours in Ontraport…

spend an eternity slogging through help docs and videos, making costly mistakes, with Grow Your Own I’ll lead your teammate(s) through 5 full days of engaging LIVE online training and implementation, right from the comfort of their own home (or your office). On the other side, you’ve got your very own home-grown Ontraport rockstar on your team!


Systems getting built right, the first time. Every time.
Knowing that your OP person is on it.
Launches getting deployed and managed in-house.
Your team member coming to you with ideas about how your business can make more money by implementing this or that new cool system in Ontraport.
Not having to wonder and worry whether emails are going out to the right segments.
How much more you could scale if 100% of your time, effort and creative spark could go toward growing your business instead of fussing with Ontraport.
How much more relaxed you’ll feel knowing that your Ontraport world is just handled.
Getting a daily report emailed to you automatically with the key performance indicators that tell you about the health of your business.
Never having to pull all-nighters to get your Ontraport systems set up right on the eve of a launch.
Having an ever-growing library of SOP’s, written and catalogued by your homegrown Ontraport expert, that documents exactly how things are done, so you can rest assured knowing that if they’re unavailable – or when you’re ready to expand – you’re covered.
How much more revenue you might generate if, when you got a stroke of creative brilliance, you were able to simply pull your homegrown Ontraport wiz into a meeting, brief them on it, and deploy them to bring the idea to fruition? No more waiting for consultants to have time in their schedule!


AFTER Grow Your Own

You waste a ton of your own time fussing with OP systems instead of growing your business.

You stay focused on growing your business while your home-grown OP rockstar handles the tech stuff!

You’re anxious, unsure of whether your OP systems are built optimally and dreading hearing about the next big nasty mistake that sent emails to the wrong people.

You rest easy knowing your OP campaigns and systems are built right and tested every time…with the right emails going to the right segments.

You pay out the nose for expensive consultants who may not even be available when you really need them.

Your dedicated, homegrown OP rockstar is there for you whenever you need ‘em, at the pay-rate you can afford.

You’re constantly having to be the one to think of what needs to be done, monitored or checked on in Ontraport…on top of all the other stuff on your plate!

Your OP rockstar just knows what to do and even comes to you with ideas about how your business could make more money by implementing this or that new cool system in Ontraport.

You’re constantly wondering how things are going in Ontraport, unsure of what needs tweaking or optimizing.

Key metrics are set and ready for you in the Dashboard, getting daily emails with the key performance indicators that tell you about the health of your business.

You stay up late preparing all the systems in OP for a big launch or promo while your partner or family wonders where you are.

You’re present with your loved ones and getting the work-life balance you deserve because your homegrown OP rockstar knows what needs to be done, and is ON IT.

You or your team are fearful and intimidated by Ontraport. Nervous from past mistakes that caused a people to get the wrong email or traumatized by wasting hours fussing with the tech instead of getting real work done.

Your homegrown OP expert walks you through anything you or your other teammates want to know, creating SOP’s, trainings and documentation so that OP is the ally it was meant to be, not some scary giant livin’ in the woods! 

You have ideas bursting into your head all the time that you want to try out in your business…new campaigns, offerings, promotions, etc., but it takes you FOREVER to implement yourself, or a small fortune to pay your consultant.

You get a stroke of creative brilliance, you pull your homegrown Ontraport superstar into a meeting, brief them on it and they bring the idea to fruition. No more waiting for consultants to have time in their schedule or wasting eons fussing with the tools, yourself!


Feel calmer and more confident

Enjoy more predictability

Save a TON of money

Bring more ideas to fruition faster

Get more done

Gain more time to focus on selling


"With Tobin's help, my team came up to speed...fast."

Meet John Gallagher of LearningHerbs.com. Though John was running a 7-figure online training business in the herbal education space, he spent years as the only person on his team with the understanding of how to use Ontraport – until one day he got sick and couldn’t do that work any longer.

"With Tobin’s help, my team came up to speed…fast. Because of this, my team was able to take over with Ontraport to not only maintain my business, but to grow it. If it wasn’t for Tobin, I might be out of business today. You can waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out Ontraport by yourself. However, what Tobin provides is worth 10x what he charges."


Your team walks in on Monday morning with little or no Ontraport skills. We spend 5 full days (30+ hours) delivering deep, personalized training and implementation custom-tailored to your business, delivered live over Zoom. On Friday afternoon, they emerge, as your newly-minted Ontraport rockstar(s).


Note that all sections with a * indicate that the business owner or manager is highly encouraged to be there as we’ll want input from them in order to have the session be of greatest value.

DAY 1:

• *Welcome & Intro + Reflecting & Envisioning

• *Working Smarter in OP, Gaining Leverage and Getting Stuff Done

• The Basics of Ontraport and Marketing Automation

• *Understanding, Optimizing and Mapping the Customer Journey

• Workflows, SOP’s, and Templates

• Contacts, Segmentation and the Contact Record

DAY 2:

Campaigns Deep Dive: Part 1 – The Campaign Builder

• Emails Deep Dive

• Tasks Deep Dive

• SMS Deep Dive

• Postcards Deep Dive

• Webhooks Deep Dive

Campaigns Deep Dive: Part 2: The Campaigns your Business Needs

• QA, Testing and Troubleshooting in Ontraport

• Lead Scoring Continued and the “Cosmic Sales Call” strategy

DAY 3:

• Partners and Affiliates

• Ontraport Pages Deep Dive

• OntraForms Deep Dive

• Payments and Transactions

DAY 4:

• Existing Assets Audit + Recommendations

• Cleanup (or Setup) & Account Organization

• Tracking (What, How and Why!)

• List Hygiene + Delivery Optimization

DAY 5:

• Existing Assets Audit + Recommendations (continued)

• Metrics that Matter

• Integration Magic – Expanding Ontraport’s Features!

• Closing Q&A + Feedback

The Deets


30 hours of live, custom training
You’ll get 30 hours of live training by Tobin Jarrett, himself, specifically tailored to your business, that will turn your teammates(s) into Ontraport experts in 5 days, flat.


Video recordings from every session
Broken up by topic/session so your team can review any lesson and quickly find exactly what they’re looking for after the training is over.


Detailed, step-by-step workflows
So your team can work smarter, not harder across the entire Ontraport platform!


6 campaign templates with training videos
You’ll receive six incredible campaign templates to save you tons of time, complete with templated assets (emails, pages, tags, etc), plus training videos to walk you through implementing the entire thing!


Members-only FB group
You’ll get access to the private Facebook community where you can get help from other members, ask questions, review past training and coaching calls, and more!


3 months Q&A direct access to Tobin
As questions come up after your GYO session, your new OP pro can show up and get them answered by Tobin Jarrett, himself, in the weekly group coaching calls.


Swipe files for many emails
You’ll be given access to a library of professionally-written email swipe files, giving you great starting points for many of your businesses’ critical emails spanning across much of the customer lifecycle to help your OP rockstar get systems created fast!


Total value




Bonus #1: Two (2) “Private Tobin Tutor” Sessions:
During these 30-minute sessions I’ll watch via Zoom “over your team’s shoulder” as they work in Ontraport, offering specific, actionable guidance about ways they can improve their real-world Ontraport workflow.


Bonus #2: Keep Your Cash!
In this special bonus training, I’ll teach you how to ensure you get paid reliably for your subscriptions and payment plans, how to prevent (and win) chargeback disputes, using 3 killer strategies and tactics: The Ultimate Collections Campaign template, “2 Magic Checkboxes,” and seamless automated contract fulfillment. You’ll also get a “Zap template,” the step-by-step SOP for hooking it all up, along with an Ontraport campaign template for automating your contract fulfillment!


Bonus #3: Launch Roundups Training:
Does your company do launches? In this bonus training, I’ll teach you step-by-step how to inventory and assess what worked and what didn’t…by the numbers, including the exact questions to be asking throughout the launch and where to find the answers! Plus, I’ll walk you through how to tell what to do differently on your next launch to get even better results! You’ll even get a template your team can use to handle this for all your future launches!


Bonus #4: Email Template Audit:
In this live 30-minute session, I’ll review your Ontraport email template, giving you ways to make it look better, cleaner, and more readable.


Bonus #5: Launchpad:
A bundle of 5 Powerful Ontraport Campaign Templates + an additional 4 weeks of group coaching!


Total value


Total Value of
Grow Your Own + Bonuses



Small group training:

You’ll send your teammate(s) to get trained alongside three other businesses. The small group environment keeps it lively, yet intimate.

Pros: It’s a smaller investment. For businesses with smaller budgets who still want to get their teammate(s) trained to be Ontraport superstars, this is a great option.

Cons: Because we have multiple businesses present at once, we’ve got less time to spend providing individualized attention to each business’ Ontraport account, with more focus on educating participants on Ontraport and automation. 

When: Happens roughly once per month. Here’s a list of the next available sessions:

• April 12th-16th

• May 10th-14th

• June 7th-11th

Cost: The cost is $3,950 per business and you can send up to two teammates. There’s an additional $1K per extra team member, with a maximum of 4 total team members per business.

Private Exclusive:

You’ll send your teammate(s) to get trained 100% privately by me.

Pros: This is the bespoke version! Because your company is the only one being trained, this allows for us to dive deeply into your specific, custom situation, use-cases and strategy. We’ll design the entire experience around you and your team! Got someone who’s already pretty good at OP and want to skip the basics so you can spend more time on the higher-level stuff? No problem! Plus…we spend much more time training for how your business should optimally set up and run your automation than the small group training. Because yours is the only business it also provides for more privacy as we discuss the specifics of your business, strategy, and other potentially-sensitive topics. 

Cons: It’s a larger investment.

When: You can schedule your private Grow Your Own program week when it most suits you and your team. 

Cost:  If you choose this option your team will be trained privately with no other participants in the program. The cost is $10,000, which allows for up to 4 of your team members. Additional team members are $1K each, up to 4 more.

Still have questions?

Click here to book a call with Tobin to discuss.


Consider this...

Skilled Ontraport Experts charge a mean average of around $100/hour. That’s $4,000 per week if you were to get one working full time on your team. That’s $16,000 per month, or $192,000 per year.

Let’s say you pay a team member of your own $75,000 per year and let’s even say you pay benefits. Great. Let’s call it $90K per year it costs you to grow your own. That’s what we call half-price. Sending your team member through Grow Your Own will literally be worth $90,000 to you (in the first year, alone) in savings…never mind if you tried to hire one of the top Ontraport Experts (like, for instance, me) – whose hourly rate is over double the average!


How many hours of time each
would you or your team
save by no longer fussing
Ontraport if it was set up the first
time by your very own homegrown
OP wizard?

How would it feel to be getting
daily emails sent automatically
with the key performance
indicators that tell you about the
health of your business

How many more launches or
might you be able to
do in a given year if your
Ontraport world was just totally
handled by your very own
dedicated, full-time in-house
Ontraport genius?

How much more revenue do you think
you could generate if all your creative
brilliance, time and energy were
focused on strategy, creating new
offerings, growing your partnerships
and sales, instead of fussing with the
tools or dealing with expensive, fickle
consultants and their unpredictable availability?

How much would it be worth to
you to have the peace of mind just
knowing that your Ontraport world
is handled, with emails going out to
the right segments?

What would it be worth to your
health, your partnership or
marriage or family life
not having
to pull all-nighters to get your
Ontraport systems set on the eve
of a launch?

How much more easily might you
scale with an ever-growing library
of SOP’s (standard operating
procedures) written and
catalogued by your new OP pro,
that document exactly how things
are done?

How much more money could you
generate if, when you had a new
strategy or system, you were able
to simply pull your OP person into
a meeting, brief them on it and just
have them handle it from soup to


For the “Small Group” option, we accept just 4 businesses per session to keep the quality of the experience high. We have just one of these per month. We may be running a waitlist, and the longer you delay getting your business registered for Grow your Own, the more time you’ll have to spend waiting for your very own homegrown Ontraport rockstar!

We also run only one “Private Exclusive” Grow Your Own training per month so if you’re leaning toward this option, it’s even more important to get your session booked.  

So if you’re interested in your own homegrown Ontraport wizard, register now.

Still have questions?

Click here to book a call with Tobin to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions


What if we have questions afterward?


We’ve got you! As part of the Grow Your Own program you’ll get three months of weekly group coaching calls where your team can come and ask questions about all-things Ontraport, marketing automation and more!


Will you be covering API?


No. We will cover webhooks, Zapier and Plus this, but we will not get into API or other topics involving custom coding. This is one of the rare things I do recommend you work with an Ontraport Expert on. I specifically recommend Andrew Wadsworth and the ITMooti team.


Will you  be covering Custom Objects?


Not “out of the box”. Custom Objects is a highly-specialized and complex element of the Ontraport platform. Were we to cover it, it would require an additional full day of training and would confuse and overwhelm all but the geekiest teammates. However, if you’re considering the Grow Your Own program but you know you’ll have need of a Custom Objects build, I highly recommend Automated Dreams


I want my OP rockstar to be able to optimize my inbox delivery. Do you cover that?


Yes, and… email delivery optimization (aka, “deliverability”) is a complex, many-faceted topic. I will cover how to clean up your list, best practices for list hygiene, segmenting and sending to optimize engagement and training the ESP’s to prioritize your email; however, there is so much to learn about, do, monitor and manage in the journey to maximizing your inbox delivery rates, that it goes well beyond the scope of this training. If you’re a high-volume sender and you’re serious about maximizing your email delivery rates, I recommend hiring a Delivery Consultant with a proven track record of success. Chris Lang, founder of Inbox Leader is the very best. 


I’m the business owner. Can I attend Grow Your Own, myself?


Yes! You’re welcome to join any and all sessions. But, to be fair, the point of growing your own OP genius is to free up your time and focus from having to work in Ontraport, so you can scale your business. There are several sessions where we do ask for you to be present during the sessions with your OP rockstar, but you’re welcome at all of them if you like!


Is there a certification awarded on completion?


No. The prize at the end of this training has nothing to do with certifications, accolades, awards, or bragging rights. Certifications are what motivate consultants and freelancers who are out to prove their skills to potential clients. That’s the opposite of what we’re doing with this training. Instead your business has a powerful new asset – your very own homegrown OP rockstar!


Why wouldn’t I just send my team to get trained in the Certification Program at Ontraport for less money?


A great question! And one which I answer in some detail here.


What if my team member quits or gets fired?


You’ve got all the videos that focus on training from the Grow Your Own session your original team member went through. In the unfortunate event that you lose your Ontraport person, you’ll simply have your new team member watch the recordings. And if they’ve got questions, you can send them to group coaching calls with me!

Still have questions?

Click here to book a call with Tobin to discuss.

Copyright Inspired Business Holdings LLC, 2021

Option #1: You can hire an Ontraport Certified Consultant / Expert

There are some truly excellent Certified Ontraport Experts out there. But using this method to meet your business’ long term needs is unsustainable. They just cost too much (from $40/hr. for those just starting out, to $250/hr., right on up to $70K per year for monthly retainers).

Now, hiring a certified expert can be a good option for a specific, time-and-scope-limited project, like doing a big, complex Custom Objects build, or setting up an API integration. But it’s prohibitively pricey for the everyday needs of most businesses using Ontraport.

Plus, you’re just not going to get the sheer quantity of time spent focused exclusively on YOUR business. Even the most dedicated consultant, unlike one of your own employees, has other clients who need their attention.

And while many consultants do excellent work, many others, regrettably, are fly-by-night, unreliable, or they plain ol’ overpromise and underdeliver.

Option #2. You Can try to set up and manage Ontraport yourself

If you’re trying to handle the Ontraport functions in your business, yourself, you’re wasting time you could be spending growing the business: developing new products, partnerships and marketing strategies, and scaling!

As the leader of your business, you’re the captain of the ship. Ontraport is the engine of your business, but the captain should be at the helm of the ship, steering it – not stuck in the engine room up to their elbows in grease.

Get outta the engine room and back to the helm, Cap’n!

Option #3. You’ve already got an employee (or a VA) as your dedicated OP person “learning as they go”

Unless your employee has already done some serious, dedicated study or spent years working in Ontraport already, they’re missing out on creating a TON of value for you and your business because of what they don’t know.

And while a great VA can be a huge asset, with rare exceptions VA’s tend to be more “gopher” type task-doers, than proper employees who understand the big picture of your business…the WHY underneath the WHAT. This makes VA’s much more limited in the kind of holistic value they bring to your business. Plus, if they’ve got other clients they serve, they’re not 100% yours. Their attention is divided among their clients; they’re not devoted to the vision and the mission of your business like a true team member is. Finally, if they’re overseas, they may also lack cultural understanding about the concerns of a Western business, marketing and so on. Plus, they’re not a native English speaker/writer.

Beyond that, those who haven’t been through the Cert program (which is almost all of them) just don’t understand Ontraport at a deep level. 

And here’s the most painful part: Whether you’re using a VA or an employee for your Ontraport stuff, if they haven’t been trained thoroughly and strategically, they’re wasting a TON of time working inefficiently. That’s time you’re paying them for. It’s time they could (and should) be spending doing higher-leverage work. It’s costing you money in lost opportunity because they’re not empowered to set up and manage your Ontraport world in the best way possible to support the best results. 

They may be able to find their way around, but they almost certainly won’t know…

How to use OP to execute your business’ strategy most efficiently and effectively to help you gain the highest open rates, click rates, and return on your investment in Ontraport and in them as a team member. 

Whether your Ontraport campaigns are set up the best way possible or whether you’re missing out on some hidden opportunities to optimize.

How to set up the systems so you always know who your best leads are, and the systems to ensure your business is leveraging those leads to the fullest potential. 

How to set up your checkout pages and flow for the best conversion, and to protect you from chargebacks, so you can keep more of your cash.

What your business should be tracking and measuring in Ontraport, and where to go to see those metrics.

How to make your follow-up stand out and cause more engagement and more sales.

How to tell what worked well from your last launch or promotion, and what should be tweaked for the next launch.

The best and fastest way to clean up and organize your OP account.

How to make your Ontraport emails look better and cleaner, and take less time to create and send.

How to get better inbox delivery rates, open rates and click rates.

How to segment your list to get the best results.

How to maximize the effectiveness of your cart abandonment campaign. 

And about a hundred other things I’ll teach them over our time together!

Option #4. You can send a member of your team through the Ontraport Certification program

Warning: Sending your team to get Certified could lead them to quit working for you.

You’re smart to see the wisdom in cultivating these skills in your own team, but the Certification program is a potentially dangerous option.

The Cert Program is literally designed for freelancers, consultants and agencies, NOT employees of a business.  Nearly half of the Certification program is aimed at teaching students how to create their own consulting business. This creates the VERY real threat of your team member – in whom you’ve invested a great deal of training and resources – leaving as a direct result of their having gone to the Certification training. I personally know several businesses who have had this very thing happen. And I don’t want it to happen to you!

The quality of the education at the Cert Program is one-size-fits-all. It can’t be otherwise.
Further, there are anywhere from 10-30 people in a given training, and all the training is general training. None of the training is focussed around your specific business, the specific ways you and your team need to be using the platform to get the best results for your business. 

Also, none of the time in the certification course is spent on actually getting your business’ systems built, getting YOUR account set up (or cleaned up as the case may be).

It’s an academic (vs. real-world) approach to learning Ontraport
The people who run the certification program, though they’re perfectly fine humans, lack real-world experience of what it actually takes to use Ontraport to run a business. They’re trained to train on features, but there’s a breathtaking difference between that kind of academic learning and what you’ll get from someone’s who’s spent literally thousands of hours in the trenches, setting up real systems in real businesses, who’s developed proven workflows to cut down on the time it takes to get this work done and get results…and who’s a master strategic marketer and who understands deeply how to get this kind of work done in your business.

And if the other reasons weren’t enough, the Certification program only happens a few times per year so you’ll almost certainly have to wait for the next one to roll around.

Option #5. You could send your team mate(s) to Ontraport’s Bootcamp

Firstly, Bootcamp is about to be discontinued. Secondly, though it’s a nifty program for learning the basics, it’s a superficial, features-based training. Thirdly, it’s taught by Ontraport team members who, again, are great, smart folks, but they haven’t had much (if any) real-world experience setting up and managing Ontraport systems in real businesses. Even those Ontraport team members who do work in the platform, really only do so to run their own business…so, unless your business is a SaaS business, it’s unlikely to give your team the breadth of education about the platform you really need.