ONTRAPORT vs. Office Autopilot (What’s the difference, really?)

By Tobin Jarrett


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Curious about the real difference between Office Autopilot and ONTRAPORT? 

I. OAP vs. ONTRAPORT – The Smackdown!


In this special video post, I’m going to:

  • Pull back the curtain and give you the full, insider look at WHY they changed from OAP to ONTRAPORT in the first place.
  • Reveal what the name WAS going to be if it weren’t for the the threat of a lawsuit from Microsoft.
  • Give you a brutally honest look at what the differences are, really, between OAP and ONTRAPORT, plus, I’ll examine each of the new features and upgrades in detail.
  • If you’re someone who’s considered Office Autopilot but for one reason or another hesitated, this episode is for you.
  • You’ll discover exactly why NOW is THE best time to sign up for an ONTRAPORT account.
  • Plus I’ll be hooking you up with a $1,694 worth of KILLER bonuses only available to those who sign up through me.

I’ve broken this post up into segments to allow you to watch JUST those parts that interest you. So, scroll down and click to watch the segments that speak to the upgrades and new features most relevant to you, and be sure to use my link to sign up for your account if you’d like to claim the the bonus goods.



II. Cosmetic and Layout Upgrades

Ready to give ONTRAPORT’s sleek new interface a whirl? Sign up here!


III. Workflow Upgrade

Ready to give ONTRAPORT’s buttery-smooth workflow a try? Sign up here!


IV. Speed and Reliability Upgrade

Ready for ONTRAPORT’s BLAZING speed? Sign up here!


V. Tasks Upgrades

Ready to automate human follow-up in your biz with ease? Sign up here!


VI. Web Forms + Order Forms Re-invented = ONTRAforms!

ontraforms image

ONTRAPORT has outdone themselves with their new “ONTRAForms” feature, which allows you more flexibility and customization capability than ever before.

Now you can create popups, and “hello bar”-like forms with ease. I’d make a video for it, but they made such a slick one, themselves, that I’d be remiss not to just tell you to go check out theirs.

Ready to create beautiful order forms to wow your customers and increase conversion? Sign up here!


VII. Message Management Upgrades

Ready to communicate with your crowd with ease and speed? Sign up here!


The New Features



This is one of the best features ONTRAPORT has EVER released. It’s the simplest way to create gorgeous, high-converting landing pages.

Not only can you start from stunning templates, but, unlike LeadPages, these pages look beautiful, are full-width, and are far more flexible and customizable than LeadPages.

Plus, let’s face it, we all know when we’re looking at a LeadPage.

The secret is in what they call “blocks” that you can add and remove at will. You gotta see it in action to believe it.

ontrapages images



 Two-Way SMS Marketing

Ready to increase your reach with two-way SMS marketing? Sign up here!



Ready to track your marketing effectiveness (and optimize it!) in all kinds of ways? Sign up here!


Slick Reporting

Ready to get simple and effective reporting on your marketing? Sign up here!


$1,694 Worth of Killer Bonuses
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Customer Lifecycle + Sales Machine

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