We're giving away this powerful workflow! Use this Google Doc template to start all your new emails and you'll write (WAY) better emails in (FAR) Less Time…and have more fun in the process!

Get Ready...

This google doc workflow is what we use to start all of our emails (and video scripts)! We developed it over years of writing our own content as well as working with our clients to help them speed up the process of writing better emails!

Having this killer workflow does 4 critical things:

1. It will give you a massive head start, save you a ton of time, help you write much stronger emails that convert better.

2. It helps you avoids the dreaded “blinking cursor syndrome” and get your writing started and finished…faster

3. It strengthens the effectiveness of anything you write (no matter how good you already are), keeping you focused on the purpose of your email. 

4. And may even (gasp – clutches pearls) cause you to enjoy the process (or enjoy it even more if you already do).