2 Simple Steps to Solving (Almost) Any Business Problem, (and Solving It with Genius)

How much time do you spend weekly doing the work that really inspires you? GET REAL NOW. Are there aspects of your business you put off because they’re boring, repetitive, obligatory and hassleriffic?

2 Simple Steps to Solving (Almost) Any Business Problem, (and Solving It with Genius)

Common sense tells us that sometimes in life we have to spend time doing things we don't love, in addition to working in our preferred “zones of genius,” in order to succeed. But you may be overlooking a big opportunity to gain leverage and grow your business. Check it out…

Imagine you’re at your desk and you’re about to respond to a new prospect. Your response has gotta have all the good stuff about why to work with You vs. Them; it’s gotta be compelling and have personality. You’re stoked, right? You've got an opportunity here. But now imagine you've got a bunch of these leads to knock out (every day) before you can move on to the projects that’ll add real value to your business.

All of a sudden, what once seemed like an opportunity now feels like a repetitive, obligatory hassle in the way of what you should be (and would rather be) spending your time doing. That’s because that’s exactly what it is.

Ever noticed that when you’re cranking out boring, repetitive work, that you’re creatively constipated, rushing, only half present?

“Not alone, you are.”

In my work with clients from around the world (read: this phenomenon is not local to your region), strategizing systems to grow their businesses, I've noticed there is a palpable decline in energy and creativity, and an increase in the effort required for this boring, repetitive, albeit important work.

I call this type of work “Blah Work” (vs. “Ahhh Work”).

“Ahhh Work”, on the other hand, is the work most of us really love, like creating new strategies, products or systems.

“Blah Work” is most of the work you do in the business, where “Ahhh Work” is most of the work you do on the business.

So it’s no wonder you’re not a wildly-inspired creative Jedi, either, while you’re grinding out “Blah Work”. Trouble is, a lot of “Blah Work” is actually important.

Another part of what makes “Blah Work” such a vacuum for creativity is that it’s repetitive, often to the Sisyphean degree…like, ya know you’re just going to have to do the same thing again, and again, and again.

A High Quality Question:

How can you inject your creative, brilliant, inspired, authentic self into even the most “Bliggety-Blah” of all “Blah Work”?

Gotta turn it into “Ahhh Work”. How? Simple!

Stop simply solving the same problem over and over again.

Solve it once, and solve it with genius.

Here’s how in two simple steps:

1. Create a system for it.
2. Automate the system.

Let’s take a deeper look:

Step 1. Create a System

Check it. What if you shut off all distractions, lit some incense (or whatever gets you in the mood), and wrote the most brilliant effing email to new prospects that you've got in you? This is the email to end all emails. It’s got all the compelling stuff and all the character and soul you can muster. To read this email is to fall in love with its creator.

The Bad News:
That email will take you several times longer to write than the one you rushed through over and over again.

The Good News:
Once it’s written, it’s done.

The Other Good News:
When someone reads it, they not only get features and pricing questions answered, they get YOU. The best of you. The relaxed-creative-brilliant-charming-passionate-on-fire you.

Step 2. Automate it:

Then, what if you set up a system that automatically sent out that steaming cup o’ brilliance to everyone who came-a-knockin’ at your website door?

Now you’re not only making a (way) better first impression, you’re saving a badonka bunch of time in the process.

Now, you may be thinking: “Well, a single response to new leads would never do for my business. People have a number of different questions and concerns when they inquire and I need to be able to customize my responses.” Well, touché, my fine French friend. But, how many emails would it take? Three? Ten? Write ‘em all, and then set up a system that lets you (or even the simplest of your team members) decide which email should go out to which prospects, based on their question. That’s wicked simple to automate, if you’re using the right platform.

Hint: ONTRAPORT does the trick nicely with task outcome automation, but more on that later (or hit me up to learn more).

Now, the example of responding to new leads is just that: an example. There are TONS of other kinds of hassleriffic “Blah Work” that can (and should) be systematized and automated.

Here are just a few other examples:

  • Following up with prospects ongoingly after that initial inquiry until a sale gets made
  • Offering other products to customers after an initial sale
  • Offering birthday and holiday promotions
  • Building relationships with one-time customers to delight and retain ‘em
  • Following up with customers who have subscription products or payment plans as their credit card’s expiration date nears, so they can update it before they miss a payment
  • Managing access to online digital products and membership sites
  • Managing relationships with prospects and clients
  • Getting feedback and testimonials
  • Activating your customers into loyal referrers
  • Creating and managing relationships with Joint Venture partners

How to Know when it’s Time to Create a System:

If you find yourself doing the same thing more than about twice per month, you should create a system for it (and automate, if possible).


Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear from you (don’t be a lurker)…

  1. Think of one “Blah Work” activity you do in your business on the reg.
  2. Head on over to my Facebook community, “like” my page, and tell me! I’d love to hear what’s cramping your creative style and wasting your time! I’ll reply to you there, and offer you some actionable tips on turning your “Blah Work” into “Ahh Work”.
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