Automation + High-Touch = More Sales (Here’s How)

By Tobin Jarrett


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Ever felt like your automated emails are getting missed? That’s because…they are! 

Of course. Most of your automated emails wind up in the promo tab of Gmail (which comprises around 70%-80% of your list). 

So, naturally, a bunch of those emails don’t ever get opened (or even noticed). 

Sure, it’s sad, but that’s life. And while there are methods one can deploy that, over time, will get more of one’s emails to land in the primary inbox of their Gmail users, this email isn’t actually about that. 

No. This email is about how to blend automation with human-powered high-touch follow up so that the critical emails your business sends to your hottest prospects aren’t even sent from Ontraport (or whatever email marketing app you use). 

If you or your team do sales calls, or even if you sell high-ticket products or services, then this email is for you. 

Check it out…you send a bunch of emails in your business. For all different reasons. Across all different stages of the customer journey. Yes? But some of those emails are more important than others. Correct?

Like, the ones that are specifically being sent to your hottest prospects, inviting them to book strategy sessions, or the ones that get sent after a sales call, following up?

Consider…what would it be worth to you to know that each and every one of those emails was being received in your prospects’ primary inbox (and thus opened)?

If you’re selling high-ticket stuff, it could be worth tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars every year. 

Now, you got a marketing automation platform so you wouldn’t have to remember to send these emails manually. Yes?

Of course.

But what if…instead of those key emails being sent automatically in your sales cycle via your email marketing software, you had a task set up at just the right moment in the campaign, that assigned you (or someone on your team) a task to open up Gmail (or whatever you use to send 1-to-1 email in your business) and send the critical email from there?

I’ll tell you what…

  • That email will almost certainly end up in the primary inbox of your prospect, increasing your chances of making the sale exponentially by virtue of that it got received and opened.
  • That email will be a better, more personalized email because it’ll have had the benefit of (even a morsel) of human touch before it gets sent. So while the smartest among you smarty pantses might start from a “canned email” or script to send this kind of an email, you can (and should) be taking a moment to customize these emails to reflect (and leverage) the gift that is the 1-to-1-ness of this email. Mention something from the sales call (e.g., “Is your kid/mom/partner/dog feeling better?”), or anything else you might know about them, personally, from their contact record. Have fun, use a line or two to make it personal. 

Now doing this obviously takes time, but I hope you can see that it’ll be well worth it. Plus, you don’t have to do this on your own.  

All you’ll do is: 

1. Identify which of the emails in your business are those that wind up being responsible for the highest-value actions (again, high-ticket sales, booking of sales calls, etc.).  

2. Go into Ontraport (or whatever marketing automation app you use, if it can do this), and replace the key email steps within your campaigns, with a task set to send to you (or whomever) on your team. The task should let the assignee know exactly what they need to do. The task should include starter copy for the email, merge fields letting them know any/all info they may need to make the email even stronger and it should also let them know they’ll need to mark the task complete.

We’ve used this strategy to close hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales in our businesses.

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