Part 3: Create and deploy a “Believer” Sequence for your new leads

By Tobin Jarrett


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This is Part 3 of my series on the The top 5 systems to put in place in your biz to make 2022 rock. If you missed the overview article, where I give the top level on each of the highest-leverage systems, you can see that right here.

If you’re generating leads and building your mailing list, bravo…but if all you’re doing is sending them the lead magnet they opted in for, then letting them sit there until you’re ready to send your next newsletter, or worse still, run your next launch or promotion, then you’re missing out on a yuuuge opportunity.  

In this week’s installment, you’ll learn what to do instead to massively increase the value of these new leads you work hard to generate, make it more likely they’ll buy from you sooner…and increase your inbox delivery rates at the same time 😳🔥💥😳.

Here’s what to do instead to get the most value from your new leads – write a series of 5-8 emails that does the following:

  • Introduces you and your business (in an authentic, human way).
  • Demonstrates your expertise.
  • Gives massive value, with links to your “greatest hits” blog posts, video trainings, podcasts, a free trial of your product, or something else worth their time 
  • Shows off that special “you-ness” that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Begins to educate them about what else you offer
  • And gives them an opportunity to move the relationship to the next level with a call to action (e.g., “hit reply,” “book a call,” “sign up for my webinar,” etc.). 

This last one should be done with care. Think of this little series like the first few dates. You don’t want to be pushy with your offer(s) or you’ll turn people off and you’ll lose the chance for more dates (er…business).

In short, this sequence of emails is meant to turn strangers into Believers! If you do this right, you’ll go from “just some lead magnet I got and then completely forgot about” to actually being remembered as a real person / business in the minds of the leads who go through this. 

And those who are actually your ideal leads will be far likelier to become your client or customer. Whether in a week or a month or a year. 

The Tech Setup:

Once you’ve written the emails, you’ll need to set them up in your email marketing software such that they get “dripped out” over a period of days after the new lead opts in. 

We use (and love) Ontraport around here. I recommend you end up with between 5 and 8 of these new lead nurture (“Believer”) emails and that you send them every 1-3 days, for between 1-2 weeks.
Pro tip: add a “Currently on New Lead Seq.” tag when they’re triggered onto the new lead nurture sequence, then remove it as the final step in the automation, once they’re done. This will allow you to filter out those folks from any of your other live promotions and prevent them from being overwhelmed with too many emails and incongruent messaging. In general, your leads will be far likelier to buy from you AFTER they’ve been through this sequence, anyway. 

In addition to delivering massive value to this new lead and cultivating trust and affinity, it also achieves a couple of other very important strategic goals:

Strategic Goal #1: It trains this new lead to engage with your emails from the get-go, creating the foundation for engagement in the long run. After all, humans are creatures of habit and what we start doing initially, we often continue doing into the future by virtue of rote habit. And I hope I don’t need to tell you that you really (like, REALLY) want to train your leads early on to open and click your emails.  

Strategic Goal #2: It can dramatically increase your inbox delivery rates over time. Email is still the most affordable way to market and sell. So getting your emails delivered, opened, and clicked should be a big deal for you.

There’s a lot of complexity to the world of email delivery optimization. A LOT. However, recipients’ engagement seems to be among the top ways in which the ESP’s rank a sender’s reputation.

Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Hotmail, etc…they are watching your mailing habits. Every time you mail your list, they watch to see what proportion of your recipients open your emails, click your links, and reply.

And when you’ve cultivated the habit early on in your new leads to look for, desire, open, and click your emails…it helps create a solid foundation for the life of that lead and leads to overall better inbox delivery rates in the long term.   You can learn more about this in my article “The Most Important Thing To Do Now To Improve Your Email Delivery Rates“. 

Now, I’ll be getting into this in next week’s article, but in order to get the long-term email delivery benefits from your new lead nurture sequence, you need to also be regularly emailing your list with quality content that they actually care about and want (this is key). I recommend at least weekly, but if you’re going longer than 2 weeks without emailing your list, you’re blowing it. Big time.

“But Tobin, won’t I annoy my new leads by sending so many emails so close together?”

Yes, you will. If you’re sending B.S. 

If, however, you’re sending quality content that improves their lives and that they actually want, then no, for the most part, they’ll appreciate it. And sure, those who aren’t a good lead for you will unsubscribe. No hard feelings. Off you go. 

Will every new lead open / read / click every email? Of course not. But doing this will make a profound difference toward maximizing your inbox delivery rates.  

Don’t know what to write or don’t want to start from scratch?

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