Those who’ve just opened (or are just about to open) an Ontraport (formerly Office Autopilot) account.

If you’re in either of these two boats and you’re already considering working with me, then you, my friend, have been blessed with foresight of near superhuman proportions. Congratulations. I can help avoid the following tragic (yet wildly common) fates:

  • Wasting a ton of time and cash on your monthly ONTRAPORT subscription fees as you slowly try to figure out how to use the software on your own.
    • It’s not uncommon for well-meaning entrepreneurs to spend six months or a year trying (often in vain) to get their business fully integrated into the system.
    • ONTRAPORT‘S incredible designers have made superhuman efforts to create the simplest, most approachable product possible.
    • However, the fact is that the software is a remarkably robust tool with a lot of moving parts that work best when they’re all working together.
    • Trouble is that most entrepreneurs are super busy working to keep so many balls in the air. So there’s little hope of them attaining the requisite mastery of ONTRAPORT needed to have it causing extraordinary results for their business.
  • Getting less-than-optimal results from the software due to under-utilization and under-informed usage.
    • Even when people do get themselves integrated, most tragically under-utilize ONTRAPORT.
    • I’ve overheard plenty of business owners say about ONTRAPORT, that they feel like they’re paying for a Ferrari, but are only using the glove compartment. They’re not wrong about that.
    • In my tenure at the company, I saw client after client using a mere fraction of the software’s capability, and thus, getting a mere fraction of the potential results.

Working with Ontragenius will help get you vastly better results out of ONTRAPORT in a fraction of the time.

Those who’ve been using ONTRAPORT for a while.

If you’ve had the (sickening) feeling that you’ve been paying for a Ferrari, but using only the glove compartment, then I can help you, too. There’s no better time to call in professional help than right now (well, yesterday or last month would’ve been better, I’ll grant you, but I’m fresh out of time machines, sorry).

To learn more about how I can help you, click here.

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