The Top 10 Ways You are Losing Money with Your Email Marketing Software

By Tobin Jarrett


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His crowd loved his stuff, his sales were good, but he was using ton of different tools, none of which were talking to each other: 1Shopping Cart for payments and affiliates, LeadPages for landing pages, AWeber for email, Kijabi for providing his online courses, and more.

He was wasting so much time hassling with all the tools that he didn’t have time to focus his efforts on the money tasks, which are creating great products and keeping in touch with his list.

He was also frustrated because even with all the tools he had, there were still a handful of high-leverage marketing tactics he wanted to employ, but still couldn’t (read on for more about those).

That’s when he came to me, totally flustered, lookin’ for a miracle…

I told him that I could help solve his problems. I told him we’d do it by moving him off all the myriad other tools, and onto ONTRAPORT, which would simplify his life, and enable him up to to make more money with less work and hassles.

We got him rocking and rolling and once his business was running smoothly on ONTRAPORT, he heaved a massive sigh of relief.

He felt freed up, and excited at what he could accomplish now that he was freed up to work just within his “zone of genius”.

Now, John makes more money in less time, and with a TON less hassles and tech headaches than he did before.

So, without further adieu, I give you…

The Top 10 Ways You’re Losing Money (and Wasting Time) with Your Current Email Marketing Provider: 

1. You’ve got no way to tell what your prospects and customers are clicking on your website 

What if your website allowed you to know exactly where each of your prospects and clients were clicking and what they were viewing, and ultimately their level of interest? 

What if you could view and respond automatically to the pages they visited on your website with targeted emails or even a phone call?

I can bet your current email system doesn’t let you do THAT, now does it? With ONTRAPORT, you can see exactly where each of your leads and customers are going on your website. Imagine how having that information could help you follow up and sell better.

Think that one feature could make you just an extra $100/month? $500? Take a guess at what that number is for your business. Do me a favor. Write it down, too.

3.17 - img1

2. You’ve got no way to tell which of your leads and customers are more valuable (and thus, most likely to buy)

You have a lot of people on your list. Now as many people as you might, perhaps, but that’s another conversation, altogether.

How do you know who’s most engaged and likeliest to buy? How do you know who to reach out to if you do outgoing sales?

With ONTRAPORT, you can see exactly who your hottest prospects are, simply by looking at their lead score.  With a few clicks, you can set it so that your contacts’ score lifts by a set amount when they take certain important actions. These actions are the ones you determine as being indicative of increased interest – so, things like opening and clicking links in your emails, visiting certain pages of your website, or downloading a free resource.

3.17 - img2.png

Further still, what if you could have people who take those high-value actions on your website or emails followed up with automatically with a compelling “hot lead” email that invites them to book a call with your sales team? Or, what if a task simply got sent automatically to your sales person based on your prospect taking those high-value actions or reaching a specific lead score?

ONTRAPORT makes all this a cinch.

Think you’d be able to make some more cabbage? I think you’d be hard pressed not to.

3. Your current email marketing doesn’t have built-in landing pages

If you’ve been at the online business world for long, you know that even with a nice website, there’s still a call for being able to quickly and easily create beautiful landing pages with ease. 

If you’re just creating a page from scratch on your website each time you need to offer a download link, compel leads to sign up for your webinar or e-book, or thank someone for opting, then you’re likely wasting a ton of time. Plus, those pages you set up aren’t likely designed for maximum conversion.

3.17 - img4.png

You might be using another service, like LeadPages. But with ONTRAPORT, you get beautiful, easy-to-create landing pages included with your subscription. These can save you a ton of time, increase your conversion, and ultimately, boost your bottom line.

4. You don’t have a true CRM (contact relationship management) feature

Relationships are vital to so many of our businesses. Especially if your business offers higher-end products or services and has a sales process of any kind, then if you’re not tracking the relationship, you’re losing money and wasting time.

What if every point of contact, emails to and from, email opens, link clicks, call notes, purchases, contracts, quotes, and next actions were all stored neatly in one place for each of your contacts?

How much more organized, sane, and profitable might your business be?

If you’re paying for a separate CRM system, then I gotta ask you…why?

3.17 - img5.png

Wouldn’t it be easier to have all your systems under one roof?

Hint: the correct answer here is “Why, yes. Yes it would be!”.

5. It doesn’t allow you to manage an affiliate program

If you don’t know, an affiliate program allows you to reward referral partners for the sales they generate through their referrals. It essentially allows you to let other businesses promote your goods and services, track their progress and reward them with commissions for the sales they send your way. 

If you’re not already running such a program, imagine how many more sales you could be generating if you were. I mean, having an affiliate program is like opening yourself up to vast additional networks of new customers! 

If you already run an affiliate program, then you’re likely paying extra for it, and having to deal with a third-party integration hassles…which is, as our friends from down South would say: “no bueno”.

3.17 - img6

With ONTRAPORT, you can create your very own affiliate program in literally under five minutes and start having others promote your business for you! 

6. It doesn’t allow you to take payments or offer upsells 

If you sell products online, then you’re losing money by not having your payment processor built right in with your email marketing platform that allows you to charge for subscriptions, and even offer payment plans. Not only are you  paying extra for your shopping cart, and having to deal with the integration hassles. Who wants that?

3.17 - img7

With ONTRAPORT, you get super slick order forms that integrate seamlessly with your affiliate program. Plus, you can offer 1-click upsells to maximize your profit-per transaction…awesome.

7. You’re not able to automate the human follow up for marketing and business processes

I can guarantee that your email system does NOT have built-in task management. If there are any manual steps required in any of your sales or marketing processes, this is costing you money and stress. With ONTRAPORT, you can have tasks sent automatically to anyone (on your team or not) to do something manual (put a welcome packet in the mail, ship a product, send a thank you card, you name it).

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Heck, you can even set automated next steps for what should happen next, after the task gets marked complete. For a deeper look at this bone-crushingly useful feature, read my blog post on it.

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8. It only does email

I know, you may be saying…well it’s called “email marketing” for a reason. But consider…

Email is great. It’s king. No arguments there. But SMS follow up is special and unique unto itself. Especially if you’re running events like webinars, or you offer coaching or consulting appointments. A reminder via SMS can do wonders to increase the number of  your people who actually show up.

And the more who show, the more who buy. Simple math (my favorite kind).

Also, what about letting people opt-in to your list via SMS? How cool would it be to simply give someone a phone number and have ‘em send a text to get your valuable free resource and join your list? No pesky webpage visit needed. ONTRAPORT makes this a snap.

3.17 - img10

Let’s face it. Inboxes are full to overflowing. If you really want to get your crowd’s attention, a mix of email, SMS and postcards can be truly breakthrough. 

I’m talkin’ ‘bout actual, post cards, here. And your current email system doesn’t send ‘em. Promise.

Check this out. What if you could run a promotion where your subscribers got an email that told them to “Wait for it…okay, check your mailbox (like the real one out in front of your house) in 3 days. There’ll be a little something special in there for you”.

Then, when they found your full color, jumbo, glossy postcard with a laser-targeted offer on it, how much more likely would you be to make that sale? Oodles more likely. (Normally I’m against the word “oodles” but that’s what’s called for here). Just sayin’.

3.17 - img11

With ONTRAPORT, you can literally schedule a single postcard to go out in a sequence of other touches (like emails, SMS messages, etc). And when a given contact hits that step in the sequence, then BOOM, a full color, glossy postcard gets sent right to ‘em. You can literally have one single post card sent. That’s power like the big boys have, but for pennies.

 9. No membership site 

If you sell information of any kind, then having a members-only area of of your website can be a great way to increase loyalty, engagement, as well as creating passive revenue streams. With ONTRAPORT, you can integrate your existing website, and protect exclusive content for members only. You can charge for memberships, or give ‘em away for free. Consider how much more money you could be making, if you had a killer membership site.

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10. Your business-critical tools aren’t all-in-one

Now, while you might be able to accomplish a few of these things with 3rd party add-ons, you’ve got to consider the hassle to get ‘em all playing nice together, extra fees, headaches, disorganization and chaos that having so many tools creates. With ONTRAPORT, you get industry-leading email delivery, plus all kinds of other awesomeness.

I hear a lot of small business owners say that the reason they don’t upgrade to a full-featured marketing automation platform is because they “can’t afford it”. Yet, in my experience, when most any business implements even a fraction of the additional features that ONTRAPORT (or Infusionsoft) offers, they make far and away more than the additional cost they pay for the service. 

In fact, most businesses I work with make more like 10X – 100X what they spend on the software because of how much more effective booty it allows them to to kick.

[box] If you’d like to learn more about how ONTRAPORT can help you make more money and save a badonka bunch of time, click here and sign up for a demo. And, if you sign up using my link, then I’ll hook you up with my bitchin’ bundle of bonuses that’ll give you a massive head-start in making more money in less time with your new all-in-one business and marketing automation platform![/box]

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