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I want to talk to you about your client journey.

But first, a story. 

I had a woman book a call last Thursday to learn more about Leg Up.

Super sweet lady.

She had a laugh that reminded me of what it might sound like if a fairy sneezed repeatedly into a loudspeaker. 

And she used it liberally.

She had a lot of questions about what all was included. She had a lot of questions about whether the campaign templates that come with Leg Up did this or that fancy automation trick she’d seen somebody else using in a video somewhere.

I answered her questions and when she’d finished, I asked her a few questions.

Namely, I asked her to tell me the specific, step-by-step process she currently had in place to turn strangers into customers, and then to turn customers into repeat-buying, testimonial-giving-customer evangelists.

And I asked her, specifically, how she was doing at moving people through each of those stages.

Like, in numbers.

In response to these questions I received a very long, uncomfortable silence.

Followed by some non-committal muttering and finally the odd detail she recalled from some video she’d seen recently about a process mapping app that looked cool.

I could tell that she didn’t like those questions because she didn’t have answers to them.

She didn’t have the answers because she doesn’t actually have a customer journey.

So of course she hasn’t automated that journey.

She’s put a few half-baked campaigns in place.

I could hear the frustration and the overwhelmed in her voice.

She couldn’t understand why she hasn’t been reaching her goals.

After all, she’s paying big bucks for a powerful marketing automation platform.

Shouldn’t she be “getting more” out of it? She very nearly cried as she recounted the stress and overwhelm she’d been feeling lately in her business.

Hearing this lady’s story made me sad. Genuinely. Full misty feeling in my chest. The whole thing. I’m an empath. And I’m also an entrepreneur who’s felt his fair share of frustration.

But her story is commonplace.

It’s closer to the norm than the exception.

Day after day, week after week, year after year I see the same thing…hard-working, passionate, inspired entrepreneurs with super cool products and services… who still struggle to scale and gain real leverage in their business.

And most of them have this one thing in common:

They skip over or don’t invest the requisite time, attention and resources to the fundamental step of designing their customer journey. First.

They dive right into trying to automate stuff.

They get carried away with bells and whistles.

They get preoccupied, distracted or overwhelmed creating the flashiest mousetrap.

Many of them never get much of anything deployed that actually works.

But here’s what I’ve learned after spending over a decade helping hundreds of small businesses with this very thing…

In the end, simple and effective beats sexy and complex.

And DONE beats still under construction.

Every time.

But you’ve got to design and map the journey before you can build it.

This requires strategic thinking and creativity.

It’s also great to have help, guidance, and collaboration from someone who’s really skilled at it.

If you’d like my help designing (and building) your customer journey…or optimizing the one you’ve already got so it helps you get better results, then let’s chat. 

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