Part 4: the top 5 automated systems to make your 2022 your best

By Tobin Jarrett


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And #3 in my list of “The Top 5 Ontraport Systems To Put In Place To Make 2022 Your Biz’s Best Year Yet” is…
Your long term lead nurture campaign. 
That is, sending at least one high quality email to your list per week.
This can be a weekly newsletter, podcast, or blog post / “Vlog” (video blog). 
Now, some of you may look at this and think “Uh…Tobin, that’s like, marketing 101.”
Sure. Fine.
But are you actually doing it? Doing it well? Doing it consistently?
Because after 15 years in this world, here’s what I know to be true: Most businesses are NOT. 
And the handful that are – and that are doing it right – are enjoying dramatic results. 
Real talk: Trendy marketing strategies come and go. Some of them can be effective. No doubt. But they should only be pursued once you’ve got the basic fundamentals going in your business.
Because wasting precious time chasing after the latest shiny object strategy or tactic before you’ve got the fundamentals locked in is a bit like wasting ages fretting over the fanciest bespoke sprinkles for the cake you have yet to bake. 
Cake first, friend. Then sprinkles.
So let me ask you: Do you keep in touch with your list? Do they hear from you at least weekly with content that adds value to their life, demonstrates your credibility, and has them feeling the love? 
If not, then you’re leaving a ton of cabbage on the table. Like, if someone saw your table they’d think you were for sure making coleslaw. That much cabbage. 
“But Tobin I hate writing weekly emails,” “But I can never muster the discipline to get a weekly email out,” “But my open / click rates are so low it’s not even worth it,” “But I don’t want to bother them and have them unsubscribe.” 
All of these are valid objections, but also, yawn. Excuses are so tired. You either have excuses or results (#andyoucanquoteme). 
Done well, your weekly newsletter helps position you as a credible expert, it keeps your business and offerings top of mind, and if you’re adding massive value (as you should be) it’ll help cultivate reciprocity, so that your list feels more inclined to patronize your paid stuff because of all the value you’ve given for free!
In this article, I’ll share:

1. My best intel on what makes a great weekly email. 

2. A simple tactic you can pitch in your weekly emails without coming off as annoying or overly “salesy.”

3. Why being in touch weekly is critical to your email delivery rates.

4. How to send your weekly newsletters using Campaigns/Automations that let you effectively increase your open rates by 30-50%!

6 Tips for generating great weekly content emails!

The “Super Signature” A simple tactic that lets you can pitch in your weekly emails without coming off as annoying or overly “salesy.” 

If you’ve been doing email marketing for long, you may have found yourself struggling with the age-old question of how to create weekly value emails that give free, valuable content, but which also let you pitch offers for your paid stuff.  
“Do I try to somehow weave my offers into the narrative of this email?”
“Should I just include a million P.S.’s?”
A couple years ago, Dean Jackson, one of the original Godfathers of email marketing, solved this problem when he invented the “Super Signature”. It’s simple, yet powerful. Basically, the entire top part of any email is entirely dedicated to the value content you’re providing. No need to try to figure out clever ways to artificially weave in mentions and links to your offers. Just keep the value up top. 
Then, below your signoff at the bottom, and below any P.S.’s you may have, comes the super signature. It starts like this:
“And whenever you’re ready, here are X ways I/we can help you to _______ (insert whatever transformation your business helps its customers achieve):”
…and then you just list 1-4 ways that your reader can engage with your business. The trick is in how you write about whatever you’re offering here. Emphasize benefits and make the CTA (call to action) easy and simple (don’t underestimate the power of a good ol’ “hit reply” CTA!)
Though this tactic is especially effective for including paid ways, it’s also common to include a range of ways, including a free offering (take the quiz, listen to the podcast, etc.).
While my own Super Signature is constantly evolving and changes per whatever I’m up to at the moment, here’s what my current one looks like:

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Why being in touch weekly is critical to your email delivery rates.

I can’t tell you how often I talk with business owners who tell me:

“I have X thousand email addresses on my list”

…but then when I ask when the last time they emailed them they’re like, “Uh…six months ago.”

The list that’s gone six months without being mailed is basically dead. It’s no good to you.

I get into why this is in this article, but nowadays, consistency is key because subscriber engagement is king. And if they haven’t heard from you in ages, not only will they be less likely to remember you/r biz, but the ESP’s are far likelier to deliver your emails into their junk or spam box.

Conversely, if you follow the guidelines at the top of this article, you’re golden. Your email inbox rates will improve or stay optimal if you’ve been doing this already.

How to send your weekly newsletters using Campaigns/Automations that let you effectively increase your open rates by 30-50%!

Now it’s time to actually send that weekly email!

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Now, if you’re an OP user and you’re still using the “Broadcasts” feature to send your weekly newsletter emails, you’re blowing it. In fact, I wrote a whole article about just that right here.

Basically, you should be using Ontraport’s Automations (formerly “Campaigns) to send your email newsletters. And there’s a powerful tactic that lets you split test your subject lines and then resend the email (with the alternative subject line) to non-openers that can effectively increase your email open rates by between 30-50%. You can go here to watch a video training I created that’ll walk you through it step-by-step!

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