Rivers, Roses and Babies – The Ironic Way I Gained Leverage In My Business

By Tobin Jarrett


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If you’ve been around here for long, you know that I’m all about helping my audience to gain leverage and get better results with less input. More leads and sales with less time, effort and output. All that.

That’s why I call this newsletter Leverage Lounge.  

Last month I did something I’ve seldom done. 

I went on a three-week vacation. 

Not a “trip”. I ripped off the pandemic shackles and took me a proper vacation. 

I didn’t even send my weekly Leverage Lounge email [gasp – clutches pearls]!

Here’s a shortlist of some of the incredible stuff I got to experience:

  • I ate Chilaquiles in the hot tub of a mountain top mansion while gazing down at the top of hawks as they soared in the sky with the pacific ocean in the distance…
  • I smelled a hundred different roses as I meandered lazily through the gardens of Hermosa beach…
  • I ate the finest sushi of. my. life while spending major QT with my dad…
  • I sipped a sampling of the world’s finest tequilas with dear friends and laughed ‘til we  cried…
  • I got showered with love (and a Ukulele) for my birthday (and ate more incredible sushi)…
  • I climbed a Flintstone-sized rock and saw literally the entire Bay area with my oldest friend and his darling son…
  • I danced my ass off in the park to some of the finest tunes surrounded by beloved friends – TWICE!
  • I met a rockstar (who happens to be one of my musical heroes) in the grocery store…
  • I rode a train through the rolling golden hills of the California coast…
  • I witnessed and photographed the union of two of the most extraordinary human beings I’ve had the pleasure to know (I’m also a wedding photographer 📸 )…
  • I befriended a tiny baby goat (we had a real connection, I could feel it)…
  • I photographed my dear ol’ dad’s most recent round of incredible knife art!
  • I got to kiss 3 babies (all of whom are new additions to the families of my homies!)…
  • I got to spend time with my teacher and sing songs of joy and soaked in the rays in the redwoods of Humboldt…
  • I got to swim in not one but two gorgeous rivers!
  • I hugged my precious nieces and nephews!
  • I relished the light in my 91-year-old Nana’s eyes as comprehension dawned that her grandkids were there for a visit…
  • I got to laugh, play and reconnect with countless friends and family after so very long apart…

And because I’m majorly into photos I made a little collage from some peak moments. And after 15 months of being in lockdown, lemme tellya…it was like a rebirth.

I feel so nourished, refreshed, inspired and ready to create straight up miracles in my business, my family, and in all areas of my life. 

It’s a whole new world. A new fantastic point of view 🧞‍♂️. 

And I’m here today to recommend, nay, to implore you do the same…to get the hell outta dodge.

For yourself. For your family. For your business. For your team. For your soul!

LEAVE. Make the plan. GO! Scram!

Maybe you feel like you can’t get away from work for some mammoth mult-week vacay. I get it. Fine. But you can do something. You could take a 4-day weekend, get an AirBnB in a sweet spot near a beach, a river, a lake, something! You owe it to yourself.

Can’t wait to hear what YOU do, learn and enjoy on your vacay!

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